Amy Roloff: God, I Miss My Kids SOOOO Much!

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As has been detailed on the past couple of Little People, Big World episodes, Amy Roloff has a lot to look forward to these days.

Specifically, she has a wedding to plan with Chris Marek.

How exciting, right?!?

Amy Roloff Just Chills

Yes, absolutely.

The nuptials won't take place until 2021, however, which does at least mean they shouldn't be affected by the country's ongoing Coroniavirus outbreak... God willing.

In the more near-term future, meanwhile, Amy would typically have some other milestones to be excited about.

Except, as she told fans during a recent Faceboook Live session, the aforementioned outbreak is getting in the way. Big time.

Amy Roloff with News

“I’m not gonna really be able to be with my kids [any time soon], I don’t think,” Amy told her Facebook friends, citing Covid-19 and detailing why this is such a painful time for her to be away from her loved ones.

"May is a big month. Not only is it Mother’s Day, but Jeremy and Zachary are celebrating their 30th birthday.

"Can you believe that? They’re going to be 30 years old.”

Honestly, as a website that has followed this family for such a long time? No. We sort of can't believe it.

With Each Other

Amy went on to note that Audrey and Tori were “wonderful daughter-in-laws," adding in this chat:

"I’m gonna miss a 30th, I’m gonna miss a 3rd birthday of Jackson’s, Tori’s birthday, give a great big shoutout to them."

Roloff, a passionate cook, does at least have a plan to celebrate these occasions.

She says her kids and grandkids can expect some homemade chocolate cake delivered to them on their birthdays. YUM!

Talking About Matt

The long-time TLC personality wasn't just complaining here, though.

She was also trying to relate to others and offer advice to others who feel a similar way during this historic and challenging time.

"I know so many of you guys are missing some huge, huge events. We hear it on the news. We hear it all over the place," she continued.

"Those are milestones and those are really deep, sad moments. And I think it is OK to be sad for those moments a little bit.

"Find ways to be proud of the fact that you made it to your senior year, you did excellent … an find a different way to celebrate it afterwards."

At Home with Chris

About two weeks ago, Amy similarly related to millions of people around the globe.

"We’re thankful for each other and we’re doing well," Amy told her followers on Instagram of her and her fiancé amid the pandemic.

"Then as I enjoy the sunshine on my face My thoughts soon drift to my kids and grandkids and miss seeing them, the many, so many that are on the frontlines helping us stay safe and healthy and how thankful I am...

"... to those who are afraid and anxious right now and feel uncertain -- I hope you can rest and breathe."

It's really hard, isn't it?

Amy Roloff on a New Episode

To conclude this earlier post, Amy paid tribute to all  the frontline workers and heroes out there.

We are in this together and know others are loving and rooting for you...

... those that need to go in each day and face the corona virus head on so others can live, those facing devastating loss of a loved one or a job/income, a planned event cancelled, local and small businesses hoping they’ll still be here when this is ‘over’ and...

... keep praying and helping when and where you can in a time like this... keep staying in.

Grateful for ALL the helpers and their willingness to keep life alive and going and their families. Thankful. Thank You.

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