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On Tuesday night’s episode of Little People, Big World, viewers were treated to a very special moment;

Chris Marek proposed to Amy Roloff!!!!!!

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek in Car

This question-popping actually took place back in September, of  course, but the installment was filmed many months ago and it gave fans an inside look at what led up to Marek asking for Roloff’s hand in marriage.

As you can see here, the guy was pretty darn nervous prior to doing so.

Not that we blame him, of course.

Little People, Big World Preps Fans for Chris Marek's Proposal: Watch!

Admitted Marek on the episode:

“The last three years with Amy have been wonderful and I see a future with Amy.

"But as far as how the actual proposal will go, I still don’t have it quite figured out — exactly what I’m gonna say and how I’m gonna do and it how its all gonna play out.

"The ring is stashed in the car, it’s in the console!”

This is an anxious moment for anyone, of course, but it was made especially nerve-racking for Marek because he was surrounded by TLC cameras.

Photo via TLC

Roloff, as we all know by now, accepted the proposal and is now engaged to Marek.

However, Marek spoke to Us Weekly after the episode was filmed and admitted to having some regrets.

If he had to do it all over again, which he won’t obviously, Chris may not have let so many people in on such a private moment.

“I’m glad that I never have to do that again. Let me put it that way,” Marek recently told Us Weekly, explaining:

“The words didn’t come. I couldn’t speak. I did not come off near as smooth and eloquent as I had hoped.”

Photo via TLC

Marek got all choked up during the proposal (it was very sweet!) and even labeled the experience "horrible" in this interview simply due to the embarrassment of knowing so manu people would witness his emotional state.

Even if it was for the most romantic of reasons.

“After it was over, I really regretted that the cameras were there because I didn’t like anyone else seeing it,” Marek now says.

“I wasn’t expecting those waves of emotion to overtake me like that. I was sorry that there were other people that got to see that.”

Photo via TLC

Roloff, for her part, was shocked and emotional by proposal.

And SOOOOOOO happy, as well.

“I was not expecting this one iota,” she told Us.

“I thought for sure, ‘No, this is too obvious. He’s not going to do it on this third-year anniversary. We’ll still have a great time. It’ll all be nice and we’re going to look forward to continuing on and everything and maybe he’ll surprise me, like everyone else, during the holidays or something, I don’t know.’

"I was totally blown away. … It was a huge surprise..

Photo via TLC

As for what’s next?

Marek and Roloff will get married in 2021.

We don’t know many details about the wedding, but we do know whether Amy’s ex-husband, Matt, will be invited to the big day.

Roloff and Marek just talked all about that.

“It’s not like they’re not going to be invited,” Amy said of Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

From there, Marek noted that he and Amy “have the impression that it’s not something” Matt and Chandler are likely “interested” in attending, adding:

“They’re welcome if they’d like to come."

Watch Little People, Big World Season 15 Episode 4 Online
Watch Little People, Big World Season 15 Episode 4 Online