Amy Roloff Teases "Scary Moment" Ahead on Little People, Big World

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Changes are on the way, folks.

It's been made very clear that the Roloffs will be setting off in a new direction on the upcoming season of Little People, Big World -- from a new baby to a new house and so much more.

But Amy Roloff has now taken to Facebook Live in order to offer up some fresh nuggets on what's ahead.

Including some sort of... scary moment???

To what is Amy referring down below?

Find out now, and then see what else she and her ex-husband have to say about the season to come:

1. First, Unfortunate Question, First...

First, Unfortunate Question, First...
Will the Covid-19 pandemic and national shutdown affect the premiere and/or any Little People, Big World filming?

2. Amy Responds as Follows:

Amy Responds as Follows:
“I am hoping that it is still the plan that Little People, Big World will premiere on March 31," she told followers. "And I’m hoping with all of us needing to be at home that you all will watch. … I’m sure if there are any changes to that, I’ll let you know through social media.”

3. Episodes Were Filmed Months Ago

Episodes Were Filmed Months Ago
As a result, there shouldn't be any interruption in how/when episodes air this spring. You can plan your next several Tuesday nights accordingly.

4. On to the Teases in That Case!

On to the Teases in That Case!
As you likely know by now, Amy did, indeed, sell her portion of the farm to ex-husband Matt. She then found a home about 15 minutes away.

5. Ready to Go Behind the Scenes, Though?

Ready to Go Behind the Scenes, Though?
“Here, you get more in-depth of the stories about me moving out, the pressure of everyone wanting me, you know ‘when are you going to move out of the house, mom?'” Amy said in her chat. She also added that fans will see her “deal with contractors,” which hasn’t been easy.

6. More Big News for Amy

More Big News for Amy
She moved last year...and she got engaged! Viewers can expect to see plenty about Chris Marek's proposal and Amy's response on the new season.

7. Says Amy:

Says Amy:
"You’ll see more of that story. Oh my gosh, some of the things I found out he did. I was like, are you kidding me? Oh my lord!. It was so, so special.”

8. What About That Other Huge Piece of Roloff News?

What About That Other Huge Piece of Roloff News?
Tori and Zach welcomed daughter Lilah in November 2019. It's unclear how much we'll see of her coming into the world or just whether we'll see Tori's pregnancy journey. But Amy did say one thing about this experience that really stood out.

9. Yikes?!?

"You’ll see the birth of Lilah. … And, you know, a scary moment, about a month ago or something, that they went through," Amy teased in cryptic fashion. "So, you’ll get more in-depth stories about all that, and some of the things Matt’s doing."

10. Is There Drama with Matt?

Is There Drama with Matt?
"It’s kind of hard for me to get specific sometimes about my own show because it’s a reality show. I just live it. I try to be as real as possible," Amy simply concluded.

11. What Does Matt Have for Us?

What Does Matt Have for Us?
The Roloff patriarch appeared on the First Class Fatherhood in late March and also addressed the new season. “It feels like we’ve been filming forever. And, you know, there’s been ups and downs, there’s no doubt about it," he said rather vaguely.

12. That's All You Got?!?

That's All You Got?!?
"They’re full of really juicy content," Matt added of upcoming episodes. "But at the same time, I think they’re fair and they’re honest."

13. There Will Be A Lot of Caryn Chandler, We Know That Much

There Will Be A Lot of Caryn Chandler, We Know That Much
Matt's long-time girlfriend will be featured prominently on the new season.

14. Overall?

“With the Roloff family, the truth is stranger than fiction,” Matt previews. “And what I mean by that is if you follow the real, actual story of what’s really happening and going on, you don’t need to make anything up. So, our favorite seasons are the ones where they’re just following the real-life Roloffs."

15. Check Out the Official Teaser!

We've posted it below. We can't wait to spend more time with this family.

Wait! There's more! Just click "Next" below:

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