Jenelle Evans to Kailyn Lowry: Stay Away From My Ex, You Thirsty Loser! [UPDATED]

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What does Thanksgiving mean for you?

Is it a day to spend with your loved ones? A day to eat a whole, whole bunch of food? A day to just reflect on everything and be thankful?

For the cast members of Teen Mom 2, it may be those things, but it's also apparently a day for tons and tons of drama for no good reason.

Because a whole mess of them took time out of their holiday to get into a big ol' Twitter fight ...

1. A Look Back

A Look Back
Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry are not friends. They used to be friends, but for a good few years now they've been mortal enemies instead.

2. Well, Jenelle ...

Well, Jenelle ...
As legend has it, the feud started because way back in the day, Kailyn bailed Jenelle out of jail, but Jenelle never paid her back -- this was back when they didn't get paid much to be on the show, so it was a pretty big deal.

3. Rude

After that, they were never as close, but they were still able to get along enough to film together for reunions and to promote the show -- but then in 2016, Jenelle made fun of Kail for getting a Brazilian butt lift.

4. Extra Rude

Extra Rude
And not too long after that, Jenelle leaked the news of Kail's pregnancy with Lux.

5. It's All Over

It's All Over
That really seemed to be the last straw -- after that, they refused to be around each other and the feud really heated up.

6. So Many Things

So Many Things
We don't have time to recap everything -- we'd be here all day -- but since then, they've gotten into countless social media spats, Jenelle sent Kail a cease and desist letter, and she even burned her haircare products. It hasn't been pretty.

7. And Now ...

And Now ...
But this latest thing may be the worst yet, if only just for the amount of people pulled into it all.

8. Hey, Courtland

Hey, Courtland
It started on Thursday when Courtland Rogers, Jenelle's first husband, tweeted "I want a divorce!" -- he's been married since 2018.

9. Some Advice

Some Advice
Kailyn saw the tweet and decided to respond, telling Courtland "Before you do this, think about why. Then ask yourself if it can be worked thru... don’t give up bc it’s 'easier' to move on to the 'next best thing'... you will eventually struggle in the next relationship so cherish what you have courtland! Love is a commitment."

10. Fair

"Even when it’s hard!!!" she added. "I know I’m being a hypocrite but it’s only bc I’ve been thru it!!!"

11. Thankful

Courtland really, really appreciated her words -- he replied with "Kail.... U ALWAYS KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY AND WHEN TO SAY IT."

12. Super Thankful

Super Thankful
"It means a lot to have someone try and keep us together rather than pull us apart like everyone else so thank you," he added.

13. Dang, Courtland

Dang, Courtland
A few hours later and he was still thinking about it -- he replied to Kailyn again, this time writing "I have re read this at least 20 times today kail... I owe u a huge thank u so imagine me screaming this at the top of my lungs all the way from wilmington NC. TTTTHHHHAAAANNNNKKKK YYYYOOOOUUUU SSSSOOOO MMMMUUUUCCCCHHHH. I AM SERIOUS LIKE U ARE AWESOME !!"

14. It Begins

It Begins
But you know who didn't appreciate Kail's advice? Nathan Griffith.

15. Looking Out for Jenelle

Looking Out for Jenelle
"Kail really?!" he tweeted, asking her "Why get involved with an ex that obviously gets under [Jenelle's] skin? You don’t want the drama but then you egg on the drama. I know Jenelle has done some sh-tty things but do you honestly have to keep it going? Not trying to be a dick just speaking truth."

16. Thanks, Nathan

Thanks, Nathan
"Btw Happy thanksgiving and God bless! Kill people with kindness and win them over by love," he continued.

17. Huh?

Kailyn was confused about Nathan's tweets -- she told him "This has absolutely nothing to do with Jenelle... what are you talking about?"

18. Pot, Meet Kettle

Pot, Meet Kettle
Lots of people agreed with Kail that her exchange with Courtland had nothing to do with Jenelle -- one person told Nathan that him criticizing her was like the pot calling the kettle black.

19. Doing His Best

Doing His Best
"When?" Nathan asked in response. "Name something within the last year, screen shot it and send it to me. Unless I was defending myself, I try my hardest to be a good honest, non hypocritical person. Prove me wrong!"

20. What?

Someone else told him that Kailyn was obviously just trying to help Courtland with his marriage, and he replied "Think outside the box. People are more calculated/ complex than you think."

21. A Conspiracy

A Conspiracy
He also said that "Kindness and advice is well needed but I think there is more to this equation to all parties that are involved right now."

22. Solid Argument

Solid Argument
Someone suggested that Nathan tagged Jenelle in his original response to start drama and that he could have DMed Kail is repsonse, and to that he wrote "Hahahaha couldn’t she have done the same thing? That’s a knee slapper. And to every one else in this thread... like I said, people are calculated/ complex. Think outside the box and don’t assume you know the dynamics of anyone’s lives just because of the little knowledge you have."

23. So Much Confusion

So Much Confusion
We're honestly not sure exactly what Nathan was trying to say with all of that, but the gist seemed to be that he thought Kailyn was simply talking to Courtland to get a rise out of Jenelle -- but all he ended up doing was getting a rise out of Courtland.

24. Going Off

Going Off
Courtland replied to Nathan's original comment with "Kail dont listen to this guy I mean he wants to speak about truth?? HOW OLD WAS THE SQUIRREL THAT LOST HIS LIFE FOR UR HAIR CUT BRO? And one of jenelles ex's?? Ummm u MEAN THE ONE THAT U HELPED COMMIT ADULTRY AGAINST who was CONSIDERED Kaiser's LEGAL FATHER AT ONE POINT??"

25. Memories!

(In case you'd forgotten, it took a long time for Jenelle's divorce from Courtland to be finalized, so what ended up happening was that she was legally married to him when she gave birth to Kaiser.)

26. Not Having It

Not Having It
"Bro please," he told Nathan. "U had no business dipping into me and kail's conversation.. who are u to EVERRRRRRR GIVE ADVICE ANYWAYS? I AM NOT TRYING TO FIGHT BRO I JUST THINK MAYBE U HAVE MORE TO WORRY ABOUT IN UR OWN LIFE THAN TO TRY AND FIND WORRY IN MINE. ANYWAYS .... WELP SEE YA LATER."

27. OK, Nathan

OK, Nathan
Nathan then told him "Never made any negative connotations. If that’s the way you justify this 'innocent' reach out for help, I’ll pray for you. please for the love of it, educate yourself before speaking as if you’re a person incapable of critical thinking or thinking everyone else is dumb besides u."

28. Oh, Courtland

Oh, Courtland
Then Courtland went back to a completely unrelated tweet of Nathan's from earlier this month so he could write "Umm ur a wuss..u sound like a big baby and for the record WE were minding our business and all of a sudden your Peter cottontail a$$ comes hopping up the trail. Dont try me with some educated ish i mean is that the best u got?"

29. And Jenelle?

And Jenelle?
As for Jenelle, who was the center of all of this, she never responded to anything -- but she did like Nathan's original tweets to Kail, the ones where he told her she was just trying to start drama.

30. Sure, Girl

Sure, Girl
So it feels safe to assume that Jenelle also thinks the only reason Kailyn would talk to someone who has history with Jenelle would be to get under her skin.

31. If Only ...

If Only ...
Now if only MTV was around to film all this ...

32. UPDATE: Jenelle Speaks!

UPDATE: Jenelle Speaks!
After keeping mum on the feud for several hours, the Carolina Hurricane herself finally decided to sound off!

33. Folks, She Went There

Folks, She Went There
Responding to Nathan's query about why Kail decided to get involved with the controversy at all, Jenelle tweeted, “Anything for attention.”

34. Major Shade

Major Shade
By Jenelle's standards, that's ridiculously tame, but still -- she sent her message loud and clear.

35. The Mystery Deepens

The Mystery Deepens
The tweet raises almost as many questions as it answers: does Jenelle still consider Kail her mortal enemy? Is Evans really that tight with Nathan these days? Why did it take Jenelle so long to respond?

36. Single Mom

Single Mom
We may have an answer to that last one, as Jenelle is currently living in Nashville, and she seems to have a lot on her plate these days.

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