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It was sadly no surprise to see Farrah Abraham having bad takes about COVID-19, but seeing her call it "Chinese Virus" was still sickening.

Now, Farrah is defending saying that she loves "coronavirus season" … explaining that it’s because she’s "like a supermom."

Farrah, In the Bahamas

In March, Farrah made a number of tone-deaf remarks in the face of the increasingly deadly coronavirus pandemic.

"Everything can be done from home and online, and I am super-pumped about that," Farrah gushed.

She said that she was pumped "because I am such a homebody, and I kinda love coronavirus season."

In addition to seeming to ignore some precautions and assigning a racist label to the virus, this showed Farrah at her worst.

Farrah Ex on the Beach

In a bid to explain herself, Farrah Abraham spoke to TooFab.

"A lot of moms who are like stay at home moms or just travel with their kids," Farrah generalized.

Lumping plenty of good mothers in with herself, she said: "We’re used to self-quarantine ourselves."

"I mean I stock up, I get everything, I’m like a supermom," Farrah clarified, claiming: "And that’s how I roll."

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Get Weird on Tik Tok
(Tik Tok)

"I’m not used to wearing gloves and masks, and running out of Clorox and toilet paper and all that," Farrah at least admitted.

"But I’m definitely used to being at home and being around my daughter 24/7," she added.

"A lot of people have had a hard time juggling school and everything at home and working from home," Farrah observed.

True enough, though a lot of those people normally give their children actual educations while working normal jobs.

Farrah Abraham Deep in Thought

Farray shared that her best advice was for people to be "always positive! Everyone can do this!"

Still dispensing advice, she suggested what she does in order to keep a level head — or the closest Farrah equivalent.

"Meditation, watch some shows that you love… stay balanced," she advised, admitting: "It’s hard."

We know that Farrah tends to be incoherent and awful, but that is actually decent advice.

Farrah Abraham is Plastic

"Our gym was shut down, we can’t go to the gym," Farrah complained.

She advises other parents to "Do some squats, incorporate your kids, it’s hard on the kids too."

Naturally, TooFab asked Farrah about her previous statement about loving "coronavirus season."

"Coronavirus season should only come once," Farrah replied, "and hopefully it’s gone soon."

Farrah Abraham: Investigated By CPS For Neglecting Sophia?! [UPDATED]

It is positively surreal to catch yourself nodding along with any statements by Farrah Abraham.

She is, to put it bluntly, not a good person.

Of course, offering up a few pieces of good advice for parents and families during this crisis does not negate her past statements.

Some of it was just tone deaf. But some of it was malicious.

Farrah Abraham in Big Apple

People have made plenty of poor decisions on social media since the coronavirus pandemic began to feel "real" in the West.

From Madonna’s bathtub nonsense to a bunch of affluent actors singing like this is a Disney movie, Farrah was not the first to slip up.

But Farrah took things a little further than the occassional introvert tweeting that this is "fun" as though thousands weren’t dying.

Farrah Abraham Dances Poorly on TikTok

When she opted to label this the "Chinese virus," she echoed racist sentiments — the kinds that spur appalling, violent hate crimes.

Yes, actual hate crimes — not Farrah’s version of them.

Given her history of racist outbursts and rants, though, this is no surprise. Farrah really is the worst.