Farrah Abraham Ignores Coronavirus Warnings, Drags Daughter All Over LA!

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If you're familiar with Farrah Abraham, then you're probably already aware that she's not the brightest bulb.

That may sound cruel, but Farrah needs to be called out, as sometimes, her foolishness is damaging to others.

For example, ake her callous disregard for the social-distancing protocol that was put in place to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

All over the world, people are social-distancing and sheltering in place.

Meanwhile, Farrah is bouncing around LA with her 11-year-old daughter in tow.

To make matters worse, she's boasting about her idiocy on social media.

Thankfully, she's getting roasted by followers who are encouraging her to stay the eff home!

Take a look:

1. A Sad Scene

A Sad Scene
Farrah Abraham was never a mother of the year candidate. But she may have just reached a new low by risking her daughter's health for the sake of some internet clout.

2. Masked Bandits

Farrah recently posted this video in which she delights in the media coverage of her decision to take her daughter Sofia out on the town in the midst of the worst public health crisis this country has ever seen.

3. She Thinks It's a Game

She Thinks It's a Game
"Still the coolest celeb mom even during #covid_19 #latex #facemask," Abraham captioned the video.

4. Big Yikes

Big Yikes
Even more offensive is Farrah's caption on Twitter, where she referred to the coronavirus as "#ChineseVirus19".

5. Running Scared

Running Scared
The criticism that followed led Farrah to make her account private. We guess she is capable of feeling shame!

6. The Thirst Is Real

The Thirst Is Real
Anyway, this all happened because Farrah not only took her daughter out and about during a global pandemic, she also felt the need to boast about her foolishness on social media.

7. What a Waste

What a Waste
Much of the backlash centered around the fact that Farrah felt the need to waste precious PPE (personal protective equipment) such as latex gloves and face masks, which are currently in short supply.

8. Roasted

"Or if you stayed home you could leave the gloves and face masks to all the medical professionals who are desperate for them," wrote one follower.

9. Good Advice

Good Advice
"Please consider donating your N95 masks to your local hospital," another commented. "They are desperate for PPE equipment."

10. We're Guessing She Doesn't

We're Guessing She Doesn't
"Do you realize the masks don’t protect you from catching it?" a third chimed in.

11. Dangerous Misuse

Dangerous Misuse
"Gloves don’t work if you touch everything wearing the same gloves it doesn’t work that out. You have to change them every time you touch something else," yet another person commented.

12. More Good Advice

More Good Advice
Others pointed out that Farrah should simply skip the protective equipment, follow orders, and stay inside as much as possible.

13. Probably the Whole Thing, TBH

Probably the Whole Thing, TBH
"What part of stay home do you not understand?" another commented asked.

14. Mom of the Year, Indeed

Mom of the Year, Indeed
"You should probably keep Sophia inside. Mom of the year," said another.

15. Dangerous Idiocy

Dangerous Idiocy
Yes, as many people pointed out, Farrah is free to put herself in harm's way if she wants, but by risking her daughter's health and wasting protective equipment, she's being unforgivably foolish.

16. #HumanVirus

One of the offended parties was gossip blogger The Ashley, who reminded Farrah and others of the plight of California's healthcare workers.

17. Go Off, Queen

Go Off, Queen
"I don't normally attack like this but N95 masks are precious supplies NOT fashion accessories for unemployed wannabe celebrities!" The Ashley Tweeted.

18. Silver Lining

Silver Lining
Fortunately, some good came of the situation, as a follower who saw The Ashley's tweets was inspired to donate PPE to workers at the San Diego Medical Center.

19. To Be Clear ...

To Be Clear ...
Farrah, of course, deserves no credit for this happy ending. If anything, it underscores the fact that she's worrying about clout and photo ops at a time when the decent people of the world are looking out for one another. Classic Farrah.

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