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Farrah Abraham is claiming that haters have done more than just put Sophia into therapy — they’ve now stopped her from adopting a puppy.

She is now railing against her critics and he place that canceled the puppy adoption, referring to this as a "hate crime."

Farrah Abraham Offers

"OWNER OF PUPPYSPOT.COM scammed sophia of her new puppy," Farrah accuses at the beginning of some truly unhinged word salad.

She writes that "online at signed a contract, approved family, took all the money."

Farrah claims that the adoption site "then cruelly used haters made up lies of passed hater."

Her gibberish continues with "traumatizing false claims of beloved blue passing two years ago."

Farrah Abraham Is Rendered Speechless

According to Farrah, PuppySpot used the upsetting story of Blue’s death "as the unethical and illegal call two weeks later."

Her nonsense continues: "as a slanderous scam excuse to not send her new puppy she owns."

"Sophia won’t have her new family member for Easter," Farrah whines.

In the third person, Farrah writes: "Super Mom Farrah & Family step in!"

Farrah then makes it clear that this unhinged, barely comprehensible word jumble is a plug for her podcast.

"How malicious can a online dog seller be to traumatize a family again after therapy?!" Farrah asks.

On the podcast itself, she admits to Sophia that she thinks that maybe it was a bad idea to announce the adoption before it was a done deal.

Farrah also places the blame for all of this on the people who contacted PuppySpot to warn them about Farrah’s alarming history.

Farrah Freaks

"The haters just are ruining it,” Farrah laments.

“And honestly," she whines, "the breeder isn’t strong enough to understand the hate and the celebrity that they’re dealing with."

For reasons understood only by Farrah and the nest of worms infesting her brain, she then calls step-mom Amy to vent.

It is unclear at times if Amy knows that she is being recorded, even as Farrah recalls her conversation with a very unfortunate sales rep.

Farrah Abraham Deep in Thought

"She says based off of me throwing my dog off of a balcony, I’m not going to be allowed — me — to have my own dog that I paid for," Farrah gripes.

Given her usual lack of self-awareness, it’s likely that Farrah does not realize that she sounds like a maniacal villain in a TV movie.

Farrah asserts that PuppySpot’s decision was based on nothing but lies, and claims that canceling the order was somehow against the law.

Farrah also tells Amy that she demanded to speak to the owner of PuppySpot. Clownish.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Get Weird on Tik Tok
(Tik Tok)

"I’m not going to speak to some regular customer service care person who doesn’t even know what they’re doing," Farrah declares.

"And if you talk any more, every bit’s recorded, and it’s illegal, and it’s gonna just take you right — right to where it’s gonna go," she rants.

Farrah continues her nonsensical narration: "And I go, ‘So who is what?’"

Amy says that there may be a clause in the contract allowing them to cancel orders (for example, to people with rage issues and sketchy histories).

Farrah Abraham Rolls Her Eyes, Deep in Thought

"I don’t know,” Farrah retorts. “She kept trying to say that, and I was, like, ‘I don’t accept that because it’s breaking the law.’"

You want to explain to Farrah why a clause to protect a puppy is not illegal, but you know that she’ll never be able to understand.

Amy then says that Farrah could get the puppy through someone else, and suggest’s Farrah’s cousin, Shawn.

Not only is that a bad plan that could get Shawn sued for breaking a contract, but … did Amy not know that she was being recorded?

Farrah and Sophia Kisses

Farrah then calls PuppySpot … again … and records the call as she continues to make a fool of herself.

"I don’t think you’ve ever dealt with somebody who’s in the public eye," she speculates to the poor person on the other end.

"But I will say this: We deal with a lot of very untrue, hateful, discriminating things that you won’t ever have the luxury of going through!" Farrah says.

"So, you’re talking to one smart, intelligent, and tough woman," she asserts.

Dead Eyes

"And I will say this," Farrah continues.

She declares that "Any of your discrimination, your hatred, and the lies that you based anything off of, is illegal by law!"

Illegal by law is an objectively funny thing to say.

We also have no reason to believe that PuppySpot canceling an order is illegal. Most places can cancel orders.

Farrah Ex on the Beach

Farrah also gripes about how the adoption was canceled two weeks after it was made, complaining: "I take that to heart."

"I take that to realization of this is such a hate crime right now," Farrah states.

Will we ever get tired of her calling personal inconveniences hate crimes? Probably not.

"And it’s discrimination," she moaned, "and it’s hateful."

Farrah Abraham in Big Apple

"We are a family that deeply cares about our pets," Farrah claims in a public review that she posted and shared with fans.

"Everything!" she asserts. "About the breed, about how they look."

"I mean, we get so, like, discriminated against for anything and all things that we go above and beyond for our pets," Farrah says.

"For safety, for health, for all things," she argues. "They actually have public Instagrams! That’s how much we care about our pets"

Farrah and Sophia Pic

"I just woke up after two weeks of thinking and my daughter and family thinking a puppy was on the way," Farrah complains.

She says that "we paid 5k for a dog upfront we never met, got approved, signed contract, and had are [sic] money taken."

"The owner, and customer service and sales agents have no remorse and are scam artist," Farrah accuses.

Naturally, the rest of her review is just plugging her podcast where prospective customers could hear her unhinged ranting for themselves.

YIKES, Farrah

In July of 2018, Farrah and Sophia’s dog, Blue, died.

Sophia blamed herself for having, it sounds like, dropped Blue while putting the dog on the balcony (to use the bathroom?).

Farrah claimed that Blue had suffered stress and trachea problems due to construction work in the next building, and died because of that.

Whatever happened to Blue was not Sophia’s fault. She is a child. And we wouldn’t wish being Farrah’s dog — or child — on our worst enemies.