Kody Brown Hurls Major Shade at Robyn; Can This Marriage Really Last?

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At this point, there are really only one of two possibilities on Sister Wives:

Kody and his spouses are very good at reading scripts that call for them to fake tension and anger in order to make headlines and garner ratings.

Or... Kody and his spouses are headed for a split.

rob and kod

As loyal viewers of this program know very well, the self-centered patriarch of this gigantic family has been continually at odds with Meri, Christine, Robyn and Janelle over his dream real estate scenario.

Simply put, he wants all women and their kids to live with him in the same large home he plans to build on property he purchased at Coyote Pass.

None of the women want this, however.

The result has been an endless array of fighting and confusion.

Kody Brown Yammers

While live-Tweeting this past Sunday's Sister Wives episode, for example, Meri expressed frustration over how long the moving and settling-in-Arizona process has taken.

"Pretty sure we've been moving for a year," she Tweeted, only half-joking.

Kody, for his part, didn't disagree.

"We have been packing boxes for 14 months now," he replied.

meri annoyed

However, Kody's tone was clearly different after Robyn weighed in on the couple's newly-purchased $900,000 home.

She had been against buying this residence because she wanted to keep renting prior to moving into Kody's dream polygamous palace -- otherwise, she figured, the family would just keep piling up mortgages.

Kody and Robyn have been arguing non-stop over this topic.

And that fighting has now continued over social media.

kody versus

As you can see above, Kody quoted Robyn back to herself as he watched Sister Wives, sounding appalled that she wasn't on the same page as him.

“The house that Kody picked….”What the crap @LuvgvsUwngs?" he Tweeted, before taking a major swipe at his youngest wife and adding:

"My job is to keep a roof over our heads. I’m taking care of our kids. I am not unreasonable!”

Robyn would counter that she also wants a roof over their kids' heads. She just wants to rent that roof for awhile.

Robyn is Sad

About a half hour after Kody sent his Tweet, Robyn fired back.

She wrote that Kody has been obsessed with this home-buying thing and has been totally fixated on it, despite the strain it has caused on their marriage.

There seems to be a strain on all of Kody's marriages right now, but the issues with Robyn are most surprising because this had seemed like the most stable union.

Now, though, viewers really need to wonder:

Can it really last much longer?

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