Farrah Abraham: My Daughter is in Therapy Because of HATERS!

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If you know Farrah, you know she loves to talk about her haters.

She blames basically every bad thing that ever happens to her on them -- it's actually pretty remarkable.

The people who confronted her about her bad behavior on Teen Mom OG?


The people who "leaked" her "private sex tape" all those years ago?

Yep, haters.

She even decided that the people who had her arrested after assaulting a hotel employee a couple of years ago must have been haters.

So considering this little habit of hers, it's no surprise how she frames this new revelation about her daughter ...

1. What a Life

What a Life
Sophia is 11 years old now -- oh, how time flies!

2. Inconceivable

Can you even imagine being born into this world and surviving for over a decade with Farrah Abraham as your sole caregiver?

3. Such History

Such History
And sure, there have been some bumps along the way, but hey, Sophia's alive, and that's something, right?

4. Here We Go

Here We Go
Farrah has had her fair share of parenting fails, that's for sure -- when Sophia was a baby, Farrah would often leave her unattended by the stairs or at the edge of a tall bed or in the sink during baths.

5. Classic

She tried to pluck her eyebrows when she was three years old, and when she was four she left her with her own parents, explaining that it was good for them to spend time apart and that Sophia was "doing her own thing."

6. Also Important

Also Important
And remember that these are just a few specific examples -- Sophia has also just generally grown up with Farrah behaving like Farrah, which has just got to leave a mark.

7. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
In the past few years, things have taken a turn for the worse. Farrah's been homeschooling Sophia, which is just terrifying to think about, and she's been taking her with her as she jets around the world, allegedly working as an escort.

8. Fair

The general fear is that Farrah is exposing her daughter to things that she's just way too young to be involved with and that she's just not setting her up to be a successful adult.

9. Whoa

But in a new interview with TMZ, Farrah reveals that she's actually made a good parenting decision for once -- she's gotten Sophia into therapy!

10. A Miracle

A Miracle
Therapy can help everyone, and it could be especially good for Sophia since she's had such a strange upbringing.

11. Naturally

But, as always, Farrah just couldn't help but make it into a bad thing.

12. The Latest Scandal

OK, so last weekend, Farrah got into a new scandal when she shared a video of her dogs, remember?

13. Ugh

One was dyed blue, the other was pink and had a ribbon wrapped around its mouth, apparently to stop it from barking.

14. Lots of Criticism

Lots of Criticism
A lot of people were upset about the video because those dyes can often be toxic, and using something like a ribbon instead of an actual muzzle can be dangerous.

15. Awkward

It's also just a bad situation in general when Farrah's dogs come up, what with that whole thing from a couple of years ago where one of the dogs died and everyone thought that Sophia killed it.

16. A Recap

A Recap
Real quick, since this will come up in a minute -- people think Sophia killed the dog because it died suddenly and she said it happened after she threw it on the balcony to use the bathroom. The assumption was that she actually threw the dog off the balcony, but Farrah explained later that the dog's trachea had collapsed, which had been an ongoing concern.

17. Hmmm

Except Farrah had gone on and on about what a shock it was that the dog had died and she'd said that she couldn't figure out why it had happened, and if the trachea issue was such a thing, wouldn't that be the obvious assumption?

18. Back to the Interview

Back to the Interview
Anyway, nobody liked her new dog video, and so that's what the paparazzi questioned her about this week.

19. This Girl

This Girl
Farrah, who was leaving a restaurant with her blue dog, was asked about the backlash, and in classic Farrah fashion, she answered "I don't like the hate speech, I really think it's sad that people who have dogs and we spend like $300 at a time to take care, like color and groom him."

20. Right, Right

Right, Right
"My puppies are very well taken care of," she continued, "and Sophia's never killed a dog. There's a lot of hateful things and that really affects kids and Sophia has to go to therapy for that and no more bullying, it's really been bad."

21. Sure

About the dye, she said that she actually took the dogs to her vet just this week because of "the coronavirus stuff and the dogs and everything," and her vet asked her if the dye was dog-safe. So there you have it.

22. RIP Blue

RIP Blue
Finally, she was asked about the death of her dog, Blue, and how it's been brought up again.

23. Such Eloquence

Such Eloquence
"Yeah," she said, "that was very, like, I mean, shocking to us."

24. Oh Farrah

Oh Farrah
She then said something that really didn't make sense about a babysitter and the dog that was with her -- it sounded kind of like she was trying to say that her babysitter gave her the new dog after the old dog died, but she did say that the old dog died from a collapsed trachea.

25. The Explanation (Again)

The Explanation (Again)
"He had a trachea issue and there was actually a building construction issue, he did not want to go out on the balcony to go potty, and he literally collapsed on the way out to the balcony and it was very tragic for Sophia and I."

26. LIES

"We rushed to the hospital, and it's very sad that people make up lies and hateful things about an innocent child and a happy puppy."

27. Understandable?

We get that she feels defensive about her kid, but she made everything so public, and the stories just didn't seem to add up, so of course people were concerned about the mysterious death of this poor dog, you know?

28. Rejoice!

But above all, we're just SO glad that Sophia is in therapy. Like we said, it's good for anyone, but man ... girl needs some help in life with that mother of hers.

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