Joe Exotic: You Can't Stop Me From Saying the N-Word, Libs!

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How to describe Joe Exotic?

The star of Neflix's surprise hit documentary Tiger King is a gay, gun-toting, meth-addicted country singer/politician, who once owned one of the world's largest collections of predatory big cats.

Joe Exotic and Friend

Of course, that characterization doesn't come close to doing him justice.

You really have to watch the seven-episode series to even begin to understand Joe, and even then, you feel that you're just scratching the surface of his insanity.

Exotic is currently serving 22 years behind bars for allegedly plotting to kill his business rival, Carole Baskin, and generally being the world's worst zoo owner.

He's requested a presidential pardon from Donald Trump, but despite the men's shared love of ridiculous hairstyles, it seems unlikely that Trump will stick his neck out for Joe in an election year.

Joe Exotic & Baby Cub

But while Joe may not get the freedom he's so desperately seeking, he's currently enjoying a boatload of the other thing he most desires -- fame.

Yes, like the Donald, Joe is so addicted to the spotlight that it might as well be meth ... to which he's also addicted.

And like Trump, Joe's newfound mega-fame has led to some investigations into his past that have turned up some unsavory statements and activities.

Yes, some of this stuff is bad even by the standards of a guy who uses hard drugs to manipulate teens into marrying him.

Meet Joe Exotic

Take, for example, the new footage obtained by TMZ, in which an irate Joe rants about the fact that it's socially unacceptable for him to use the N-word.

"Is this discrimination? I'm white, I can't say the n-word and they can?" Exotic complains in the footage.

Yeah,  we probably don' need to tell you that that's ... very far from okay.

The clip appears to be taken from Joe's old online reality show Joe Exotic TV.

Joe Exotic Mugshot

The project eventually blew up, but not in the way Joe intended.

It came to an abrupt halt when an arsonist planted explosives in Joe's home studio, torching both the footage he had amassed over the years, and the many alligators who were living inside the studio.

Did we mention this series is absolutely bonkers?

Anyway, it's not all bad news for Joe these days.

Carole Baskin

It looks as though police are re-opening their investigation into the disappearance of Carole Baskin's husband.

Joe is one of many who believe Baskin fed her husband to her tigers, so this new search for leads could lead to some sort of validation.

Or perhaps the investigation will turn up no new evidence, and we'll be left wondering the about the extent to which Joe's accusations are the result of drug-induced paranoia.

Either way, you can bet the man will continue finding new and interesting ways to stir up controversy during his time on the inside.

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