Jersey Shore: Single JWoww LOVES Being Divorced!

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The Jersey Shore cast was way ahead of the rest of us when it comes to social distancing.

They mostly spend these recent episodes wandering around a massive mansion and occasionally roasting one another for entertainment.

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But despite the appearance of stagnation, major changes are afoot in the lives of our favorite guidos.

For starters, Mike Sorrentino is out of prison, and he is happy to answer some in-depth questions about the experience.

Although we're not sure he was being completely truthful about his time on the inside during Thursday night's episode.

Guys in the clink really cook illicit gourmet meals like in Goodfellas, and they limit masturbation to twice a week?!

JS 2

Sounds like The Sitch is already taking a revisionist view of his time as an inmate.

He deserves credit for being candid about the rigors of cranking it on a crowded cell block, however.

"There's a drain on the floor. You had to be good at being mindful. No porn," Mike told his former housemates.

He also had a story about Trump's incarcerated lawyer, Michael Cohen, smuggling chicken in the cafeteria.

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That one might have been too good to be true, as well, but we'll allow the guy a little embellismhent.

From there, the episode shifted focus to a different kind of freedom.

Jenni Farley is finally divorced from Roger Mathews -- but that doesn't mean he's done putting her through the emotional wringer.

Farley tearfully complained to her co-stars that she doesn't "get the luxury of being the fun parent" due to the fact that Mathews always has the kids on weekends.

Roger Mathews and Jenni Farley Back in the Day

"I just really miss them," she said. "I don't want to go to court again."

JWoww went on to say that Roger seems to be using their custody agreement to enact a sort of emotional revenge.

"I'm coparenting with someone who doesn't want to work with me and it's really heartbreaking," she complained.

Fortunately, Jenni's life isn't all doom and gloom these days.

JS 4

Now that her divorce is finalized, she can look forward "being free from all that shit," meaning Roger's manipulations.

Plus, Jenni is still dating Zach Carpinello, and she has the sort of friends who are willing to help her celebrate her divorce by renting a graffitied party bus and taking her to a drag show.

As the title of the episode suggested Single JWoww is much more fun that Separated and Stressed JWoww.

The woman really threw herself into the drag show, at one point climbing on stage to get a lap dance.

JS 5

And the surprises didn't end there.

Angelina also took the stage so that she could ask her female castmates to be a part of her upcoming wedding.

This won't end well, of course, as the ladies decision to roast Angelina at her own wedding resulted in major public backlash.

If you thought Pauly and Ronnie's comments about Vinny's khakis were bad, just you wait until that wedding episode!

We're cringing just thinking about it, folks.

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