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Folks, in case you weren’t aware, congratulations are in order.

After a long, long engagement with many, many ups and downs Angelina Pivarnick married Chris Larangeira on Wednesday.

Chris Larangeira and Angelina

Perhaps eager to make up for all the money she lost during all those years that she didn’t appear on Jersey Shore, Angelina took a thrifty approach to her nuptials.

For starters, she saved some cash by getting married on a Wednesday in November.

On top of that, she mixed business with pleasure by inviting her castmates and a Shore camera crew to the festivities.

While we’re sure Angelina and her new husband will make good use of that MTV bonus money, the Larangeiras might be regretting that second decision right about now.

Angelina Pivarnick in Jersey

If you’re a Shore fan, then you’re probably aware of the ongoing feud between Angelina and Jenni Farley.

Basically, Jenni’s boyfriend groped Angelina during a wild night in Vegas, and Jenni blamed Angelina for reasons that still aren’t quite clear.

The bad news is, JWoww’s willfully ignorant misreading of the situation caused us to lose a little respect for a reality TV icon.

The good news is, the feud has done much to liven up an otherwise snooze-inducing season of Shore.

Shore Girls

(We respect the cash-grab hustle, but … c’mon four Snooki-less episodes that take place almost entirely in the same Vegas hotel room?!)

Anyway, it seems that the JWoww-Angelina beef is alive and well, which is good news for Shore fans.

But it was less great news for elderly attendees of Angelina’s wedding.

Angelina Pivarnick on Jersey Shore

According to a new report from Radar Online, Snooki and JWoww stood before Angelina’s assembled guests to offer a toast that sounded a lot more like a roast.

“The girls made a messed up speech,” an eyewitness at the wedding told the outlet.

That same witness added that the castmates tried unsuccessfully to coral Deena Nicole Cortese into participating.

Angelina and JWoww

And this was no gentle ribbing of the kind we saw at Mike Sorrentino’s wedding.

No, if the witness is to be believed the Jenni and Nicole truly went off on Angelina and broached several sensitive topics in front of her friends and family.

“The girls were mean to her," says the source.

Angelina Pivarnick in a Cap

"The speeches they gave weren’t respectful," the insider complains. "It was disrespectful.”

Hey, maybe it was all for the show, and Angelina was fully aware that her "friends" were planning to lay into her.

But if Snooki doesn’t want to be called a mean girl, maybe she should stop acting like one on TV. Just sayin’.