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Let’s get one thing out of the way right up front, okay?

As a website, we are all for counseling and/or therapy of any kind.

Whether one is dealing with mental health issues or relationship problems or anything in between, it can be very beneficial to seek the assistance of a professional.

Jenelle Eason with Dave Eason

Seriously, do whatever you guys need to do to better yourself, okay, folks? We mean it.

We preface this post with such a message because we’re about to go off on Jenelle Evans for… yes… saying she and David Eason may soon be going to a marriage counselor.

The former Teen Mom star has been in the news of late because it seems apparent that she and her violent estranged husband are back together.

They’re certainly hanging out again, that much has been proven.

Jenelle and David Sittin' on a Porch

Jenelle has tried to deny speculation that she’s fully getting it on with Eason again, despite how frequently the two have been spotted out and about over the past several days.

Speaking to E! News, however, Evans did finally admit that there’s something happening here.

The door to romance, which Evans had seemingly closed months ago with a statement about separating from Eason, is most definitely open once again for Jenelle and David.

Will they walk through it and actually attempt to be a real couple again?

Jenelle Evans Spotted with David Eason: Are They Back Together?!

Possibly, Evans tells the aforementioned outlet.

She contends to E! news that she and Eason are "are not back together" and are "just co-parenting," although she also acknowledges the following:

"We are going to consider counseling."

Why would this even be a possibility of Jenelle was very willing to let a wife beater and dog murderer back into her bed?

And that’s the thing, people.

Counseling can be a great solution for some couples. It may help them communicate and rediscover their feelings for each other and air their grievances in a safe environment with a helping, impartial third party around to help settle disputes.

But can it really help in Jenelle’s case?

Should it even help in Jenelle’s case?

Jenelle and David Throwback

Eason almost definitely assaulted Evans in late 2018, breaking her collarbone during a drunken rant.

(Don’t take our word for this. Take the word of Jenelle herself, who said this to a 911 operator herself.)

He then confessed to killing his family’s dog last year, taking it into the woods and blasting it with a shotgun because he claimed the canine bit his young daughter — and somehow kiilling it was the only option.

Eason is a violent bigot. No amount of counseling will fix that.

Jenelle with David and Ensley

Just a few days ago, Eason and Evans were seen at a shopping mall… with a dog bed in hand.

Tragically, Jenelle has since confirmed that she bought a new dog, one who will presumably be exposed to Eason if/when the two get back together.

Let’s all pray for this animal, shall we?

And let’s also all pray for the kids who will soon be stuck — once again — living under the same roof as David Eason. Nothing positive can ever come from that.