Jenelle Evans & David Eason: Back Together Despite New Abuse Claims [UPDATED]

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Well, we guess maybe she deserves some credit.

She stuck to her guns for a few months, right?

Yes, folks, in case you haven't heard by now, longtime Teen Mom 2 terror Jenelle Evans and David Eason are back together.

Rumors of the gruesome twosome reconciling have been surfacing for weeks, but at this point, we're confident in saying this:

It's not just a rumor, but the sad, scary truth.

We have proof that these toxic lovers are not only back together romantically, but once again living under the same roof.

If you're looking for a silver lining, well, perhaps Jenelle has given up on her foolish dream of re-launching her TV career.

After all, no network will touch Evans with a ten-foot pole now that her dog-killing, child-abusing ex is back in the picture.

Take a look at the pile of evidence that the Carolina Hurricane is giving her dangerous spouse his 475th second chance:

[UPDATE: We have shocking new intel about Jenelle and David's relationship, including new abuse claims against Eason.]

1. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Well, it's official. After about three months apart, and a move out of state to get away from her abuser, Jenelle Evans has thrown in the towel. She and David Eason are officially back together. And fans are bracing themselves for the worst.

2. Trouble Brewing

Trouble Brewing
After all, we often laugh at the antics of Jenelle and David - how could you not? - but the reality of their situation is very sad, and very serious. Jenelle is undoubtedly in a borderline abusive relationship at best, and grave danger at worst.

3. Both Funny and Sad

Both Funny and Sad
We laugh at David's stupidity and the foolishness of the lies he's always getting caught in, but his violent tendencies? His abuse of children and his wife, and animals, and his otherwise unstable behavior? More vomit-inducing than funny.

4. The Nugget Incident

The Nugget Incident
In case you've forgotten who we're dealing with, remember when David shot and killed Jenelle's puppy during one of his infamous fits of rage?

5. Trigger Warning

Or how about the time he attacked his reality star wife and the mother of his daughter while drunk and allegedly broke her collarbone? (More on that later toward the end of this story.)

6. Dangerous Dave

Dangerous Dave
We bring you this very incomplete list of David's most nauseating low-lights simply to remind you of what a dangerous individual he is, and what a colossal mistake Jenelle is making by allowing this man to be near her children (and animals).

7. Say It Ain't So

Say It Ain't So
But that's exactly what she's doing. And here's the evidence ...

8. Nashville Reunion

Nashville Reunion
It all started when David paid Jenelle a visit in Nashville. In a rare moment of honesty, both parties confessed that they had spent the weekend together, but they claimed it was for the sake of their daughter, Ensley.

9. Exhibit B

Exhibit B
That brings us to the ring. Jenelle's endorsement deal with some company called BrushX was short-lived but in the one piece of sponsored content she recorded for them, she's clearly wearing her wedding ring.

10. Saved By the Termination

Saved By the Termination
Evans never responded to fans' questions about the ring, and she didn't need to, as she was promptly fired once BrushX learned about her past, and the clip was deleted.

11. A Night on the Town

Shortly thereafter, Jenelle posted a photo in which she and David sample the nightlife in Nashville together.

12. Not the Brightest Bulbs

Not the Brightest Bulbs
David doesn't appear on camera at any point, but he's clearly the one filming. Many viewers claim they recognize his laugh and insist that his reflection can be seen in a window at one point.

13. It's Really Happening

It's Really Happening
And yes, Jenelle is once again wearing her wedding ring. We won't even get into the fact that two people with well-documented substance abuse issues thought it would be a good idea to make a video in which they go out and get wrecked.

14. Want More Evidence?

Want More Evidence?
That video was posted just a few days after this photo of Jenelle and her friend Tori appeared on Instagram.

15. Back on the Land

Back on the Land
It may seem innocent enough, but as you can see, the folks at The Ashley's Reality Roundup highlighted the evidence that the pic was taken in Jenelle's bathroom on The Land.

16. Land Lovers

Land Lovers
Yes, Jenelle has been paying visits to the home she once shared with David, and now, we have proof that she may have returned to The Land on a full-time basis.

17. Poor Goat

Poor Goat
On Thursday, David posted a Tik Tok in which he's seen feeding his new pet, a baby goat.

18. Lying: One of the Many Things She Sucks At

Lying: One of the Many Things She Sucks At
Coincidentally, Jenelle also posted a video in which she's seen hanging out with a goat in a suspiciously similar-looking kitchen.

19. It's Official

It's Official
Yes, there's no denying it at this point -- Jenelle and David are 100 percent back together.

20. Across State Lines

Across State Lines
Sources tell TMZ the couple has been dividing their time between her home in Nashville and "his" (which she pays for) in North Carolina.

21. Not Taking the News Well

Not Taking the News Well
Insiders claim that Barbara Evans is so upset by the reconciliation that she's cut off contact with her daughter, which means Jenelle almost never sees her son Jace, who is being raised by Babs.

22. This Is the End

This Is the End
Sources have also confirmed that the decision to get back with David is basically the nail in the coffin of Jenelle's TV career, and MTV will be letting her contract expire in April.

23. Fear of Her Own Thoughts

Fear of Her Own Thoughts
Her son, her career, her reputation -- the girl is giving up an awful lot for this relationship. We think it's safe to say she really, really hates being alone.

24. The Proof Keeps Piling Up

The Proof Keeps Piling Up
There's other evidence, of course, such as the fact that Jenelle has lifted her restraining order against David.

25. Coming Clean

Coming Clean
The question now is when -- and if -- Jenelle will come clean and admit to the world that she's welcomed an abuser back into her life.

26. UPDATE: Jenelle's Denial

UPDATE: Jenelle's Denial
To the surprise of many, Jenelle came out with a statement in mid-February denying that she and David are back together.

27. Big Nope

Big Nope
"Nope, not right now," Evans said in response to a question from celebrity gossip site E! News about her alleged reconciliation.

28. Jenelle Is Mad

Jenelle Is Mad
"Just co-parenting. No one knows anything and I'm sick of everyone trying to guess my life. I have no privacy no matter what I do," Evans added.

29. Separate Residences

Separate Residences
Asked about rumors that she's back together with David, Jenelle added, "No, he lives at the North Carolina house that we own together. I still have my apartment."

30. New Allegations

Amid all of this, vlogger Katie Joy has posted a new video in which she claims to have evidence that David dislocated Jenelle's collarbone during an altercation at the couple's home back in 2018 - an allegation that came from Jenelle herself, but she subsequently denied.

31. The Receipts?

The Receipts?
Joy even posted what she claims are direct messages in which Jenelle confirms her injuries and says in no uncertain terms who caused them. Neither David or Jenelle has responded to these latest allegations.

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