Jenelle Evans Defends Getting Another Dog, Gets Ransacked on Instagram

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Jenelle Evans has made some bad decisions in her life.

Like, honestly, there have been some serious doozies.

We could sit here all day, literally, listing those bad choices.

But instead we'll just focus on her latest one. Because wow.

This friggen girl honestly thought that it would be alright to get a new dog after David Eason murdered Nugget just last April.

Then she thought she could explain it away to concerned members of Teen Mom Nation who were Having Opinions online.

No. Just no.

1. Dang It, Jenelle

Dang It, Jenelle
Jenelle has really done it this time.

2. But First!

But First!
But before we really get into what she did, let's just do the quickest of recaps, OK?

3. RIP Nugget

RIP Nugget
Last year she had a French bulldog puppy named Nugget. David killed the dog after it allegedly bit Ensley, and when people found out about that, all hell broke loose.

4. Good

Police opened an investigation, CPS temporarily removed the kids from the home, and MTV fired Jenelle (they'd already fired David a while ago for that nasty homophobic Twitter rant from a few years ago).

5. Sad

Eventually the investigation was closed and the kids came home, but it still seems like MTV isn't interested in working with Jenelle anymore, which is a big deal, because she's honestly never going to get a job that pays nearly that well again.

6. Bye

And because of the stress of all of that (and also the alleged abuse Jenelle and the kids suffered at the hands of David), Jenelle announced in October that her marriage was over.

7. Later, Swamp Monster

Later, Swamp Monster
She moved to Nashville with Kaiser and Ensley and she even got a restraining order against David, but by January, they were talking again.

8. Gross

And it wasn't long after that that they got back together.

9. How Unfortunate

How Unfortunate
Jenelle seems to be back in North Carolina full-time now, and even though she still refuses to admit that they're back together, it's painfully obvious that they are.

10. Here We Go ...

Here We Go ...
And hey, you know what else is painful?


The fact that Jenelle has brought a brand new dog into this great big mess.

12. Why?!?!

This is the newest member of the Evans-Eason family -- a six-month-old Goldendoodle puppy named Rosey.

13. Classic

We first heard about Rosey's existence when Jenelle and David were seen purchasing some dog supplies, but she just made a whole entire post on her blog explaining everything.

14. ... Seriously?

... Seriously?
She said that when she moved Kaiser and Ensley all the way to Nashville last year, she "wanted to make the kids feel as comfortable as possible," and she "thought the best way to do this was to buy a dog."

15. OK

"Yes, I know what you’re thinking," she continued, "'Jenelle is crazy!' Sometimes I have the best ideas, and sometimes I don’t. This idea turned out to be a good one."

16. Great

So she hopped on Craigslist and started looking at puppies, and she liked some Goldendoodle puppies she saw. But before she bought one, she researched the breed, because "I suggest before getting ANY type of animal it should always be researched. You should get an animal that best suits you living alone, with a partner, or around kids and family."

17. So Dark

So Dark
Yes, apparently we now live in a world in which Jenelle Evans feels comfortable giving out advice on pet ownership. Sorry about that.

18. Perfect

So she decided to get one of the puppies and she set up a meaning in some parking lot in "the country of Tennessee," and she met up with some lady who pulled up with a backseat full of the little dogs.

19. Hooray

They picked out a female puppy they ended up naming Rosey.

20. So Far, So Good?

So Far, So Good?
She said that when they brought Rosey home for the first time, she quickly warmed up to the kids, and "Fast forward until now, Rosey is 6 months old and a really hyper puppy. She is full of energy and it matches the kids personalities perfectly."

21. For Now ...

For Now ...
"Rosey is a joy to our family," Jenelle wrote. "Even though this was a very fast decision to get a new dog and at a tough time in my life, I’m happy I did!"

22. Not So Fast

Not So Fast
She always think that she can make up these big explanations for her garbage decisions and that everyone will just accept it, but that's definitely not what's happening here.

23. Sorry, Girl

Sorry, Girl
She posted the link to her puppy post on Twitter, and a lot of people had a whole lot of feelings about it all.

24. Oh No

Oh No
Someone commented specifically of one of the photos with Ensley and Kaiser holding the dog, saying "Jenelle, PLEASE teach Ensley how to handle a dog. This photo is an example of how not to respect a dog's space. Kids don't naturally know this, they have to be taught. Your dog is afraid."

25. Scary

To that, one person replied "David encourages Ensley to get in the face of every animal they have, with complete disregard to her own safety. He wants an easy excuse to kill the animal if he wants to." So we're off to a great start already, it seems.

26. Wow

One comment got particularly dark -- it read "Hope this one doesn’t get dragged out to the woods and a bullet through it’s head. Some people should not be owning dogs or any other type of pets."

27. Well ...

Well ...
"Oh cool, looks like Rosey will magically just 'run away' in a month or few. Another disappeared animal to add to the list soon," one person wrote.

28. Not Having It

Not Having It
At this point, there are almost 350 comments, and almost all of them are the same, which is great because they're true, but people are also calling Jenelle out for another thing: she actually tagged TMZ in her tweet.

29. Where's the Lie?

Where's the Lie?
"Desperate for any type of publicity that you tag TMZ so they will do a story on you. Wow, you've hit a new low," one follower told her.

30. Ouch

And a particularly brutal comment read "Wow you will just do anything to stay relevant won’t you. Shame on you. You don’t deserve a plant let alone another precious dog that will end up dead or treated like sh-t. How self absorbed can a person be to post something like this for pure attention. You disgust me."

31. Better Luck Next Time

Better Luck Next Time
It's pretty clear that she was hoping to get some people on her side with cute puppy pics and a "sweet" story about how she came to the family ... but it's also clear that it really and truly did not work.

32. Sorry 'Bout It

Sorry 'Bout It
And honestly, it's likely that nothing will ever be able to get many people on her side again after everything that's happened.

33. On the Bright (?????) Side ...

On the Bright (?????) Side ...
But uh ... cute puppy though?

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