Hannah Ann Sluss: Is She Peter Weber's Fiancee ... Or the Next Bachelorette?

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Well, we're getting down to the wire on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor.

Just six contestants remain out of Pilot Pete's original 30, and predictions about what might happen from here have been as erratic as the movements of Mykenna's tongue during a particularly tense rose ceremony.

Peter Weber and His Ladies

Of course, if you've been following our Bachelor spoilers all season, you can just sit back and smile smugly while your friends fret over whether or not Victoria's sketchiness will be exposed, or wonder aloud if Kelsey will ever stop crying over her champagne.

This is the part where we warn you not to read any further if you wish to be surprised by how the rest of this season unfolds.

For those of you who have stuck around, you're about to embark on a group date to Spoiler City!

Hey, it beats Cleveland, right?

Peter Weber as The Bachelor: A Photo

Okay, so we know the identities of Peter's final four:

Hannah Ann, Madison, Kelsey, and Victoria all make it to the hometown round.

For the latter two, the trip home doesn't go according to plan.

Victoria gets accused of sleeping with her friends' husbands, and given how emotional she's been all season, we assume that on her return to Des Moines, Iowa native Kelsey is messier than this year's caucuses.

Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller Ride

Obviously, that leaves Hannah Ann and Madison.

And for the first time in years, we don't know exactly how the finale plays out.

Some have suggested that Peter isn't engaged to anybody, either because he decided to remain single, or because producers decided to have him propose on the After the Final Rose reunion show in order to preserve the mystery.

In recent interviews, however, Peter has suggested that he's currently in a relationship, so the theory that he decided to remain unattached seems unlikely.

Peter Weber as a Pilot

And so we're left with a sharp divide in Bachelor Nation -- some fans can't imagine Peter parting ways with Madison, others can't fathom that he would put an end to the close connection he shares with Hannah.

The two women have very different personalities, and some have suggested that Peter and Madison's relationship might not get as much screentime, simply because she's so quiet and demure.

Many of those people believe model Hannah loves the limelight and wouldn't be content settling into married life at the ripe old age of 23.

Instead, they imagine a more high-profile commitment in her near future:

Hannah Ann Tweets

Yes, as Cosmo points out, there's a widespread theory that Peter will wind up with Madison, and Hannah will go on to be the next Bachelorette.

And why not?

She loves the camera, she embraces drama without being a total shade queen, and we're guessing she's been in the position of having men fight over her before.

Of course, there's one turn of events that would likely prevent Hannah from becoming the next Bachelorette -- we're talking, of course, about a proposal from Peter.

Hannah Ann Sluss: Flying on Peter's Plane?

Yes, many viewers are convinced that Hannah is soon to be Mrs. Peter Weber.

For evidence they point to the above photo from her Instagram page, which appears to show Hannah in an airborne state.

As we're sure you're aware from the 17 reminders per episode this season, Peter is a pilot.

And so the sight of Hannah in some sort of private aircraft has led to rumors that she's officially Mr. Weber's co-pilot.

Obviously, that's quite a leap, and the fact remains that at this point, no one really knows what the future holds for Ms. Sluss.

But we think it's safe to say that no matter what happens, you'll be seeing more of the Knoxville native in the future.

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