The Bachelor Spoilers: Peter Weber's Final 6 Contestants REVEALED!

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Obviously, only one lucky lady will receive Peter Weber's final rose -- and presumably a proposal of marriage -- on the season of The Bachelor that's currently filming.

But there are some pretty nice perks for the other finalists, as well.

For example, the top six are currently in Lima, Peru, having previously traveled to a number of other exotic locations.

Usually, all that travel seems pretty random, but in this case, it might be a preview of the lifestyle that's in store for whoever ends up with Pilot Pete.

As always, spoiler master Reality Steve has the latest on who's in the running and who's headed home, including one finalist who shocked everyone when she took herself out of the competition this week.

Take a look:

1. Pete in Peru

Pete in Peru
Pilot Pete is down to his final six! According to Reality Steve, Peter Weber has narrowed his options down to just a few lucky ladies, all of whom are currently competing for his affection in Lima, Peru.

2. Why Peru?

Why Peru?
Who knows? Why any of the places this show has traveled to over the years? At this point, we're pretty sure the only countries Chris Harrison hasn't been to are active war zones.

3. The South American Six

The South American Six
Anyway, Peter's season is in the home stretch, and ideally, by the time he returns to the US, he'll know he wants his future wife to be.

4. A Chile Reception

A Chile Reception
According to Reality Steve, Pete made some deep cuts at his most recent rose ceremony, as four women were eliminated in Chile.

5. Bon Voyage, Vicky

Bon Voyage, Vicky
That's one more woman than Pete planned on saying goodbye to, BTW. Front-runner Victoria Paul took herself out of the competition for reasons that aren't entirely clear.

6. See Ya, Sydney

See Ya, Sydney
Sydney Hightower was also sent home. Syd's a Birmingham, Alabama resident who was said to be popular with the other girls.

7. No More Mykenna

No More Mykenna
Also handed her walking papers in Chile was Mykenna Dorn. Mykenna hails from British Columbia, so we're just gonna go ahead and accuse Pete of anti-Canadian bias.

8. Ta-Ta, Tammy

Ta-Ta, Tammy
Speaking of cold weather outcasts, Tammy Ly was the fourth and final elimination in Chile. Peter sent her back to chilly Syracuse, New York, which is just cruel.

9. Pete's Picks

Pete's Picks
But hey, all those ladies made it to the top 11 out of 34 contestants, which is certainly something to be proud of. Now, onto the final six ...

10. Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller
Virginia Beach resident Victoria Fuller still has a hold on Pete's heart. Maybe the other Vicky took herself out of the running to avoid confusion.

11. Kelsey Weier

Kelsey Weier
Then there's Kelsey Weier from beautiful Des Moines, Iowa. Actually, we have no idea if Des Moines is beautiful, but Kelsey certainly is!

12. Natasha Parker

Natasha Parker
Next up is Natasha Parker from New York City. We hope she makes it to the hometown round, if only because the South and Midwest have been overly-represented in recent years.

13. Madison Prewett

Madison Prewett
It wouldn't be a season of the Bachelor without a Madison! Ms. Prewett is one of multiple finalists from Birmingham, Alabama.

14. Kelley Flanagan

Kelley Flanagan
Windy City is in the house! Kelley Flanagan is a career woman from Chicago who has apparently captured Peter's attention.

15. Hannah Sluss

Hannah Sluss
Last but certainly not least is Hannah Sluss from Knowville, Tennessee. And speaking of Hannahs ...

16. The Wild Card

The Wild Card
Remember Hannah Brown, currently of Dancing With the Stars fame? Yeah, it seems Sean Spicer's not the only one she's been stressing out in recent weeks.

17. Hannah and Pete

Hannah and Pete
As you may recall, Peter and Hannah REALLY hit it off (three times in a windmill, to be exact), but for reasons that remain baffling to everyone else, Ms. Brown gave her final rose to Jed Wyatt.

18. Hapless Hannah

Hapless Hannah
After the Jed relationship fizzled out and she got rejected by Tyler Cameron, Hannah turned her attention BACK to Peter Weber, who was understandably a little hesitant to give her another chance.

19. Here We Go Again ...

Here We Go Again ...
According to Reality Steve, Hannah factors into Peter's season in a big way, "hosting" at least one group date, and just generally hanging around making the other girls nervous.

20. Could Get Real

Could Get Real
We're guessing Peter's smart enough to not go down that road again, but even so ... sounds like Hannah's presence has been spicing things up a bit!

21. More to Come

More to Come
Keep watching this spot, because we'll be delivering more Bachelor spoilers as Pete continues to winnow down his group of potential brides!

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