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We’re only a few weeks into Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, but already, the competition for Pilot Pete’s heart has yielded enough drama to fill the cargo hold of a 747.

But one thing we haven’t seen so far is a definitive answer to the question of who Peter winds up with in the end.

Peter Weber and His Ladies

The Bachelor spoilers are generally easy to come by, and if you’ve been following ours so far this season, then you know that many of the season’s big mysteries have already been solved.

(This is the part where we warn you not to read any further if you wish to be surprised by the events of future episodes.)

For several weeks now, we’ve known the identities of Peter’s final four contestants.

Photo via Instagram

The lucky final four ladies are, in no particular order – Madison Prewett, Hannah Ann Sluss, Kelsey Weier, and Victoria Fuller.

Those first two probably don’t come as much of a surprise, as they swooped in and grabbed Peter’s attention right from the jump.

Hell, Madison has already met Peter’s family!

Madison  P.

The other two are a bit more unexpected – Kelsey, because all we’ve seen her do is cry and take a champagne facial, and Victoria, because we’re pretty sure she didn’t utter a single word during Monday’s episode.

Kelsey may have been a pity pick as she’s the first to be eliminated among the final four.

Kelsey W.

Next on the chopping block is Victoria, who’s the subject of a late-season twist. One for the ages, in fact.

It turns out that apparently Fuller seduces her friends’ husbands and breaking up their marriages. Plural.

Or at least that’s the story her former besties told when they contacted the show to snitch on Victoria.

Victoria F. Photo

Even if the allegations are true, it’s the married dudes who are most at fault in that situation. Let’s be clear about that.

Still, we can see why Peter wouldn’t be crazy about the idea of proposing to a woman with that sort of sketchiness in her recent past.

In any case, she’s your bronze medalist this year.

Victoria Fuller Pic

So that leaves Madison and Hannah Ann.

And unfortunately, that’s where the incontrovertible proof comes to an end.

But in their effort to crack the case and determine the identity of the future Mrs. Weber, the folks over at Women’s Health found some intriguing information in an unlikely place.

You might know Venmo as the app you open at the end of a wild night so you can split a bar tab five ways without laying a poker hand’s worth of debit cards on the table.

But it turns out the cash-sending service doubles as a valuable source of information about low-level celebs.

Women’s Health looked up the Venmo accounts of Peter and his top four contestants.

Hannah Ann S. Photo

They found that Madison, Victoria, and Kelsey’s accounts were all public.

Not surprisingly, several fans had made donations to Kelsey’s to help reimburse her for the champagne. LOL.

However, Hannah and Peter’s were both private.

Peter Weber, Concerned

What does that mean?

Possibly nothing – but possibly everything.

"Is this totally solid, beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt evidence? No, but it’s well known that whoever wins the Bachelor has to keep their relationship a secret for months between filming and the season finale," writes the author of the piece, Jennifer Nied.

"So, making popular (and stalkable) app accounts private is a surefire way to do that."

Hannah Ann Sluss on The Bachelor

Nied points out that fans correctly predicted Colton Underwood would propose to Cassie Randolph after noticing that both of their Venmo accounts had been made private last year.

Like we said, it’s no guarantee – in fact, there’s a strong possibility that Peter isn’t engaged to anyone – but we’ll take whatever intel we can get in this largely spoiler-free season.

It’s worth noting that Hannah’s other social media accounts – such as her Instagram page – are still public.

But hey, the girl’s a model – and sometimes, stealing Kelsey’s champagne isn’t enough to satisfy your thirst.