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If you’re following The Bachelor Spoilers, you know as much as we do about the end of Peter Weber’s season.

Clearly, Peter himself is still learning as he goes. After this week’s antics, he’s admitting that he should have quashed the drama sooner.

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This week, Peter Weber sat down with podcast host and noted plague enthusiast Jenny McCarthy on SiriusXM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show.

He admits that he made some mistakes along the way, in part due to not suspecting that some people’s motives were so negative.

"I truly went into this hoping that everyone had the best intention that I had going in," Peter emphasizes.

He acknowledges his optimistic and even charitable worldview, saying: "I wanted to see all the good in people."

Peter Weber as a Pilot

"Maybe I wish I could have put my foot down a little bit more during certain cases," Peter says in retrospect.

He wishes that he’d had the benefit of hindsight "and seen the truth a little more clearly."

"Again," Peter insists, "I was trying my best."

We’re sure that he was. It has been pretty clear to the entire audience that Peter was unprepared and overwhelmed.

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"It’s tough dating that many women," Peter wants fans to know and understand.

He reiterates: "It’s not easy at all."

"I’m just someone naturally … yes, I want to see the good in everyone," Peter again notes.

That can make it difficult to see who’s lying to him, who’s stirring up drama, and who’s there for all of the wrong reasons.

Peter Weber in Shock

"I want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt," Peter once again states.

(He’s repeating himself a bit, but when you’re defending yourself and also speaking in a conversation, it happens more than in a prepared statement)

"And," he continues, "that came back to bite me a little bit in this type of experience."

Clearly, it did.

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Peter says that, specifically, he wishes that he had drawn the line sooner with regard to what he calls the "Alayah stuff."

He admits that he truly didn’t know how she interacted with other contestants until he watched it himself when the episode aired.

"After watching the episode back, I was like ‘Are you kidding me?’" Peter confesses.

"I did my best," he insists.

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Peter says that the date with Victoria Fuller contained his most "cringeworthy" moment, but not because Chase Rice was her ex.

"I do some weird dancing moves on some of the dates," Peter acknowledges.

His chagrin has he describes this is truly palpable.

"I was having fun," he explains. "I was getting lost in the moment."

Peter Weber, Concerned

"I looked at myself, I remember, at the Chase Rice concert and was like, ‘Peter, what are you doing right now?’" he describes.

"I do that all the time," Peter says, in terms of goofily dancing.

"I do, like, this stump dance," he details, "where I stick my thumbs up when I’m really having fun."

"It’s kind of cringey," Peter characterizes honestly. Hey, there’s no shame in having fun on a date.