Hannah Ann Sluss: Moving In With Peter Weber?!

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Thanks to The Bachelor spoilers, we know quite a lot about what to expect down the home stretch this season.

Nevertheless, there are more gaps in the narrative than usual, and what happens after Peter's season may surprise.

Hannah Ann Sluss Photograph

Hannah Ann Sluss, one of the final three women in the quest for Peter Weber's final rose, just revealed that she's moving.

To Los Angeles. Which prompted speculation that she's not just moving to Southern California, but moving in with Peter.

"Open mind. Open eyes. Open heart," Hannah Ann captioned an innocuous but gorgeous photo of herself.

Hannah Ann Picture

As many have observed, she really does stand out as being particularly beautiful, even in a crowd of gorgeous women.

Fans and friends alike are in agreement there. Hannah Godwin - no stranger to the Bachelor Nation - says as much.

"HOTTIE OMG!" she commented under her quasi-namesake Hannah Ann's photo. "Come see me!!!!!!"

Hannah Ann Sluss is moving to LA IG to Hannah Godwin with Victoria Fuller

We should all be so lucky, but it was Hannah's reply that caught fans by surprise, and filled many with delight.

"2 more weeks left until I will be living near you!!" Hannah Ann said. 

How's that for a Bachelor spoiler?

(Notably, fellow finalist Victoria Fuller also commented, writing: "My girl" with a red heart emoji; Hannah Ann replied to that, as well, with three kiss-blowing emojis. Cute!)

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber

In anuy case, Hannah Ann moving closer to Hannah G. means that Hannah Ann is headed to Los Angeles, California.

If not neighbors, Hannah Ann made it clear in her comment that the Bachelor Nation duo will be close to each other.

L.A. is a popular destination for Bachelor Fam couples ... but does that mean Hannah is moving there for Peter?

Hannah Sluss

Clearly we weren't the only ones wondering. "Spoiler? Or just moving to L.A. for more opportunities?” one curious fan asks.

Is this a spoiler?" another Bachelor lover wonders.

"Did she just leak it? “Please let this be a hint."

“Are you moving in with Peter in California?" another follower blatantly asks the 23-year-old (!) Tennessee native.

Hannah Ann Golf Photo

Of course, there are other possible explanations for Hannah Ann's move to L.A. Especially since she's Hannah Ann.

She's a model. And now a TV star. After making such an impression on Peter and the fans, her star is on the rise.

Hannah can get a lot more work in L.A. than in, say, Knoxville, and could even end up with guest spots on scripted TV.

Hannah Ann Sluss Modeling

That said, this would also be the case if she and Peter have ended up together romantically. Dude does live there. 

Other followers speculated that posting this in a public comment seems less like a spoiler and more like a distraction.

We can definitely see her playing along and being cooperative with producers by tossing out a red herring of sorts.

Hannah Ann Photo

If Hannah Ann had really posted a Bachelor spoiler of such huge significance, wouldn't she have deleted it by now?

Meanwhile, Madison Prewett was spotted filming recently ... but that could be because she's the next Bachelorette.

At the end of the day, we can't possibly know the full context of Hannah Ann's move. But ultimately, we don't need to.

Sluss, Hannah Ann

Soon enough, we'll know what happens with her, with Madison and with Victoria Fuller as this scandalous season ends.

And with or without Peter in her life, Hannah has an exciting future ahead of her, and may show up again in the franchise.

One way or the next, we can almost certainly look forward to seeing more of Hannah, which we're not complaining about.

Did we mention that she's gorgeous?

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