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If you’re following The Bachelor spoilers, you’re aware of how this enigmatic season comes to a conclusion … mostly.

You also know that Peter Weber’s story – and that of his finalists – isn’t over just because The Bachelor is done filming.

Madison Prewett Photo

This is the time we post the OBLIGATORY BACHELOR SPOILERS ALERT before getting down to business, Okay …

Spoilers strongly indicate that Peter picks Madison Prewett on the finale … but that an initial proposal doesn’t happen.

(See above link for the explanation of why. It’s quite something.)

So is she his fiancee … or is she the next Bachelorette?

Madi Prewett
Photo via Instagram

Bachelor spoiler god Reality Steve himself has taken to Twitter to share a rare, post-season spoiler about Madison (pictured).

"Madison currently filming something with production," Steve, full name Steve Carbone, announced on his social media feed.

His tweet details that she is back in her hometown, doing this filming "at Town Creek Park in Auburn, Alabama."

Clearly, an eyewitness and Bachelor Nation member surreptitiously snapped the photos and sent them his way.

If reports are to be believed – and they likely are – Madison is indeed one of Peter’s final two this season.

But that’s not the full story. Not by a long shot.

Madison P. Photo
Photo via HBO

It’s said that his final two are Madison, who won over fans with her aversion to drama, and Hannah Ann Sluss (below).

Madi is a virgin, and while she emerges as his Peter’s top choice, his other, uh, relationships come back to bite him.

Apparently, Madison finds out that Peter has boned one or more of his other finalists and eliminates herself.

Photo via Instagram

Every now and then, The Bachelor spoilers are wrong, but so far, all signs are pointing to true on that one.

Which means Steve’s tweet makes a lot of sense.

Madison would, for example, be a very natural and popular choice for The Bachelorette this summer.

At the same time, cameras could also be there to capture her ongoing relationship with Peter.

Madison Prewett Pic
Photo via ABC

As Peter’s mother’s tearful plea Peter is said to have pursued Madison after she self-eliminated and the season ended.

They were reportedly dating – at this point, they would’ve been dating for many weeks, unless they broke up (again).

Could it be that ABC’s cameras were there to record Peter as he proposes to Madison? There is precedent for that.

Photo via Instagram

Peter proposing to his final choice weeks later would be a reversal of Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s brutal take-back to Becca Kufrin.

There’s another possibility, however … that fair Madi is filming promos or backstory for her season of The Bachelorette.

There is precedent for that too, in a way.

Madison Prewett on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Hannah Brown’s defining moment as the leading lady was when she rebuked Luke P.’s efforts to use religion to control her body.

To be clear, Madison is no Luke Parker.

Nothing suggests she tried to make her own beliefs Peter’s problem in the end. She just excused herself from the competition.

So, a Madison season would be different from Hannah’s, yet with the commonality of Alabama natives rooted in Christian faith.

Photo via ABC

Madison, according to those who know her,  is looking for "a man who will prioritize faith and family before everything else."

In her bio, she says she is "hoping to find someone who shares the same religious values that she and her family have."

If Peter wasn’t able to win her over, hers could make for a very interesting – if less sexy – season of The Bachelorette.

But fans can’t deny that she and Peter had a bond. With each other, and with his family. That can’t count for nothing.

We can’t say for sure yet whether a little boning of the other girls was enough to sever that emotional connection.