The Bachelor Spoilers: Peter's Final Pick is NOT Who You Think!

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We're getting down to the wire on The Bachelor, in many respects, there's not much to get excited about in this final stretch.

Peter's proven to be kind of unpopular, and save for wild card Victoria Fuller, his finalists are straight out of central casting.

Peter in a Scarf

Pretty, young, religious, family-oriented southern girls are what make this franchise tick, with no changes on the horizon.

While many viewers have suggested a more diverse cast or a new age minimum so that we might actually be able to convince ourselves that these contestants are ready to marry someone they just met, producers seem hell-bent on sticking to their proven formula.

But hey, suppose Peter deserves some credit for not having a former pageant queen among his finalists (Kelsey Weier was close, but was eliminated after her hometown date).

Hannah Ann Sluss, Peter Weber

Anyway, we now know the identity of Peter's top twosome, and even if you're still in the dark (SPOILER ALERT!) well ...

... you probably won't be surprised to learn that Hannah Ann Sluss (above) and Madison Prewett (below) are the final two.

They're the two who seemed to first catch Peter's eye, and Victoria is kind of a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.

Peter Weber, Madison Prewett

However, here's where it gets interesting: This is the first time in recent memory that we don't know who gets the final rose.

If you keep up with your Bachelor spoilers, you know that all signs point to Madison, but with some rather large caveats.

Spoiler master Reality Steve says that Peter's time in Australia did not go smoothly, and he's currently not engaged.

Madison and Peter Weber

The drama seems to stem from the fact that Madison is a virgin, a fact she kept buried for most of the season.

That might not have been an issue, were it not for the fact that she issues Peter a no-sex ultimatum going forward.

“If he sleeps with anybody else, it’s going to be hard for me to continue to move forward,” she says in a preview clip.

According to Steve, Peter ultimately decides not to play by Madison's rules and it doesn't go over well with her.

"This was not a normal ending and there was no engagement in Australia on final rose ceremony day," he writes.

"Peter does have sex in the overnight dates."

Prewett, Madison

"Shocker, I know. However, Madison doesn’t find this out because Peter tells her, but from Victoria F. and Hannah Ann."

Steve goes on to say that he suspects - but can't say for certain - that Peter winds up with Madison when the dust settles.

"I have heard from numerous sources 'Madison is with Peter. They are dating but not engaged,'" Steve writes.

Madison on The Bachelor

"If you’re holding a gun to my head and forced me to [guess] how this all plays out, [that] would be my guess at this point."

Like we said, for most fans, Madison is the frontrunner, but it's worth noting that this is the least certain Steve has ever been.

And it's largely for that reason that many fans are convinced his guess is off-base, and it's Hannah Ann who wins in the end.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber

As we acknowledged several weeks ago, there remains to be a very real possibility that Hannah Ann wins The Bachelor.

For starters, there's reason to believe that Peter and Madison might not see eye-to-eye on the question of religion.

Since she's stated more than once now that her faith is "everything to [her]" that could be a deal-breaker.

Hannah Ann Sluss: Flying on Peter's Plane?

On top of that, two photos have emerged which seem to point to the possibility that Peter is currently dating Hannah Ann.

The image above - which was posted on her Instagram page last week - shows Hannah in some sort of private aircraft.

We probably don't need to tell you that Peter is a pilot.

Hannah didn't tag anyone or reveal her whereabouts, but many fans believe it's her way of confirming that she's Peter's co-pilot.

Hannah Ann Golf Photo

Then there's this pic. Sure, it's just a photo of Hannah on a golf course, but many fans have pointed out that Peter has been spotted with a similar red-and-black golf bag on numerous occasions.

Have these two been hitting the links together in recent weeks? Frankly, we have no idea, but it's looking more and more like Madison might not have this one ... in the bag.

Stay tuned.

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