Grey's Anatomy Recap: Which Couple Called It Quits?

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Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy concluded with one couple on the outs and another layer to the "where the eff is Alex?" mystery. 

Meredith was worried about DeLuca because of the way he was acting in the mission to save Suzanne's life. 

Suzanne was a true medical mystery. DeLuca witnessed her symptoms first hand and was driving himself crazy trying to find out what was really going on with her. 

Meredith Questions DeLuca

DeLuca refused to rest until he found answers, and that further fueled Meredith's concern for him. 

Meredith turned to Carina for answers, and his sister said that he was suffering from mania. That was enough for Meredith to turn to Bailey. 

Bailey wasted no time in pulling him from the case -- replacing him with Meredith. DeLuca was blindsided because he thought Mer was out to get him. 

Meredith later found out he was still working on the case, and she was mad. She pulled him aside and called him out for it, but he stormed off. 

Doctor Riley defended DeLuca to Meredith, but Mer tried to get through to her love interest. 

Meredith Works - Grey's Anatomy

“You are not acting like yourself,” she said. 

That was enough to make DeLuca go nuclear on her in front of everyone. 

“You sound like your father,” Meredith said. DeLuca snapped back, “I don’t need this and I don’t need you. So we’re done. I’m done.”

Meredith was all over the place following the argument and turned to her BFF Alex. 

“Where are you. I need you,” she said via text message to him, but he never responded. 

Meanwhile, Maggie decided it was time to get some answers from Amelia with the baby daddy drama that was becoming the talk of the hospital. 

Maggie Helps

Amelia opened up about everything, and Maggie agreed with Link's stance on the matter. 

“If I were Link, I would want to know,” Maggie said, noting that Link would be worried about Owen getting close to Amelia again if he is the father. 

Which brings us to Jo, who was still freaking out about Alex. Jo worried about her own future and accidentally told Link about Owen and Amelia's fight in the past about having kids. 

Link worried that someone should tell Owen and Teddy about what was going on, but Jo was too consumed with the couple who were attacked by a bear. 

Jo Searches for Answers

One of her patients dies, and she turns to Alex for some comfort. 

“I need you to call me,” she said to her husband the phone, adding that she wanted to know the truth. “I would jump in front of a bear for you, Alex,” she said.

While we know answers are coming about Alex's departure, it still sucks that the characters are having to deal with it in this manner. 

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Grey's Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC. 

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