Victoria Fuller Accused of Bullying, Cheating, All the Lies in Bombshell New Report

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We're in the home stretch of Peter Weber's season, and you don't need The Bachelor spoilers to tell you that the drama is nigh.

Specifically, that things are coming to a head for Victoria Fuller.

Evil Victoria?

Her relationship with Peter has been oddly contentious from the start, and Victoria's hometown date was an abject disaster.

Many fans were surprised when Weber chose Fuller for his final three over Kelsey Weier, but the heart wants what it wants.

Or Peter figured that since he put up with Victoria's craziness all season, he might as well sleep with her at least once.

Both explanations are equally valid. Anyway ...

Victoria Fuller with Peter Weber

Victoria's time on the show has been tumultuous from the onset of 2020, beginning with the duo's first one-on-one date.

Peter learned that Victoria dated Chase Rice, the country singer who serenaded them during the episode. Hilarious.

Before the season even began, there were rumors that Victoria is a "homewrecker" who slept with multiple friends' spouses.

Fuller of It

Those reports were partially confirmed during her hometown date when Merissa Pence - Peter's ex - randomly showed up.

Apparently, she also knows Victoria, because of course she does, and informed Weber of some of Fuller's past infidelities.

But if Bachelor spoiler god "Reality" Steve Carbone is to be believed, that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Victoria.

On the Beach with The Bachelor

"I had direct contact with the women involved who specifically confirmed that Victoria had inappropriate relationships with their then husbands," Carbone wrote on his popular blog this week.

"Here’s the issue though: Victoria knows those women are probably never going to come forward and share what happened, or attach their names to it, because it’s not something they’d like to re-live."

"They both want nothing to do with Victoria or the story. And Victoria knows this."

Victoria Fuller Picture

From there, Steve called Victoria out for questioning the truthfulness of his blog.

"That’s why I’m here again today speaking out. Because she’s calling my reporting into question," Carbone wrote.

"Stop the lies. You can hide behind the fact you know these women I spoke to won’t come forward and turn it into a he said/she said, but a lot of people outside of me know the truth," he continued.

Victoria Fuller in Tears

"And the worst thing is, you KNOW they know the truth and you’re still gonna stick to your side," he added.

"I know things about you that you don’t have a clue I know. You’re lucky at this point I’ve basically laid out and watched your actions on the show define who you are."

Carbone went on to defend his journalistic integrity, saying that he did not identify the women whose husbands slept with Victoria simply because he promised them they would remain anonymous.

An Awkward Dance

"I absolutely would not have run with what I did if it weren’t directly told to me by the women involved. And it took me a couple months to track them down and get them to confirm to me off record," he wrote.

"But for their own privacy, they asked (if not begged me) not to run their names or re-tell the full stories, which I understood."

"Victoria will continue to say rumors about her are lies because it’s convenient and easy. Unfortunately, it’s also not the truth."

"She is a liar and a manipulator."

Victoria Fuller Instagram Photo

Carbone insists he's going on the offensive against Victoria solely in order to defend his own journalistic ethics.

"I say that because she’s calling me into question by saying these things said about her are just rumors and aren’t true. Oh they are. And there’s more where that came from," he threatened.

Steve is essentially accusing Victoria of bullying her fellow contestants, the women whose husbands she slept with, and celebrity gossip sites such as his own who reported on the story.

Victoria Fuller Pic

And - as is apparently always the case with Victoria - that's just the beginning.

Steve identifies five women - Courtney Cripps, Karling Watson, Sarah Gregory, Audra Lugo, and Sarah Kalafsky - as friends of Victoria's who have assisted her in "bullying" Merissa Pence.

He says they've been attacking Merissa on social media ever since her appearance on the show, and he cites the post below as evidence:

Merissa Pence Post

"Someone comes at Victoria, that’s the wrath you get," Steve wrote.

"Alayah got it, Mykenna got it, Madison’s gonna get it next week, and Merissa got it last night from all of Victoria’s catty, immature friends who worship at the altar of Victoria." 

He says these friends went after others who they feel are responsible for Victoria's scandals going public, and ended his lengthy, scathing article with a word of warning:

Victoria on The Bachelor

"Victoria will continue to play this card and continue to call other people liars who she thinks are out to get her and bully her," he wrote.

"I assume you will not listen to a word I say and own up to what you did in the past, and that’s fine."

"I just suggest you tread lightly going forward. Very lightly."

Wow. Just wow.

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