Audrey Roloff Shares the Most Precious Photos of Her Two Kids and Nothing May Have Ever Been Cuter on the Internet. Not Ever!

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Audrey Roloff went through quite a lot to become a mother of two.

The former Little People, Big World star made that clear on Instagram this week, and also on her podcast, when she detailed her second delivery and all that went into giving birth to son Bode.

Embracing Bode

The baby was born on January 7 and immediately joined sister Ember in a precious family of four.

In the month or so since, Audrey and husband Jeremy have frequently updated their respective social media pages, posting many photos of both children and also opening up about various medical complications and baby name meanings.

We've been grateful for these constant updates.

But now we're especially grateful.

Because now Audrey has shared what may truly be the cutest photos ever posted by anyone on the Internet.

Ecstatic Ember

"We took some photos of these two yesterday and the sweetness was just too much," wrote the former TLC personality as a caption to these snapshots, adding:

"Jer got all the “good” photos on his camera, but I couldn’t resist snapping a few on my iPhone."

Of course she couldn't.

How could anyone resist anything when it comes to these infants?!?

Roloff Children

Continued Audrey:

"Ember just loves her baby brother so much. I wish I could push the instant reply button for all the hilarious and precious things she says."

Without getting too sappy, we totally understand.

There are few things in life as legitimately amazing and breathtaking as the affection an older sibling has for his or her younger siblings... especially when this younger sibling is just a baby.

The Perfect Picture?

Audrey, meanwhile, is simply blown away by the entire experience.

She's in awe, to use her very own word.

"Jer and I are just in awe that we have TWO KIDS!

"We are so grateful that God has entrusted us to love and raise these little blessings," the best-selling author concluded in her caption.

With Bode

Audrey and Jeremy, of course, welcomed Bode just six weeks or so after Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed their second child, a girl named Lilah.

It's a rather exciting time to be a Roloff these days, that's for sure, and also to be a Little People, Big World fan.

While neither Audrey nor Jeremy are cast members on their family's reality show anymore, new episodes this spring will chroncile Tori's pregnancy journey and, we're sure, at least touch on Audrey's as well in some day.

We can't wait.

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