Bode Roloff: See All His Precious Pictures!

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Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are parents of two.

The beloved couple welcomed a son named Bode James back on January 8 and have spent ample time since sharing beautiful photos of their second born.

Below, we've collected every picture uploaded online of the cutie patootie, including those of him with his parents, sibling and grandparents.

"Postpartum has been hard on my body, but cuddling with these precious little loves makes my heart so full. What an honor it is to be their mama," wrote Audrey as a caption to the very first one below.

What a perfect sentiment, right? We're melting just reading it.

Scroll down for an adorable look at younr Bode James Roloff.

1. Resting with Her Kids

Resting with Her Kids
Audrey is comfortable at home at last, resting with her two kids in one of the cutest photos you'll ever see.

2. Just Born!

Just Born!
Here he is, folks! Jeremy Roloff is holding his second born baby and first son in this photo.

3. The First Family Photo

The First Family Photo
Minus Ember, of course, so this doesn't really count. But it's one of the first pics we've seen of Audrey, Jeremy and their latest child.

4. A Kiss for Audrey

A Kiss for Audrey
Jeremy wrote soon after Bode's arrival about how he's in awe of his wife for what she's accomplished here. That goes for all women. You guys are superheroes.

5. Matt Roloff and Bode

Matt Roloff and Bode
Matt Roloff is cradling his new grandson in this photo and it is just SO gosh darn adorable.

6. Professionally Done, Perfectly Posed

Professionally Done, Perfectly Posed
Mom, dad and son pose here for a professional photographer they hired in honor of the special occasion. So precious!

7. Amy Roloff, Bode

Amy Roloff, Bode
Amy Roloff is holding her grandson here for one of the first times. How precious!

8. Just... Wow

Just... Wow
This picture could be hung in a museum, don't you think?

9. This Isn't My Good Side, You Guys

This Isn't My Good Side, You Guys
LOL, right? Bode almost seems annoyed here at his photo being snapped.

10. So Safe, So Sound

So Safe, So Sound
Perhaps you can't totally tell here, but the little guy is being cradled by his father and just seems so content, doesn't he?

11. Mommy Snuggles!

Mommy Snuggles!
Ah, the smell of a newborn. And the soft skin. Really, does life get any better than this moment right here?

12. Welcome, Brother!

Welcome, Brother!
No, this is not a photo of Bode. But how could we not include this amazing sign Ember created in order to welcome her brother home?

13. Bode Meets Lilah

Bode Meets Lilah
Little Roloffs unite! Tori and Audrey bring their babies together in this very memorable photograph.

14. He's Here, Everyone!

He's Here, Everyone!
Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are smiling here for a reason: they just welcomed their second kid into the world!

15. Embracing Bode

Embracing Bode
Ember is clearly enjoying life as a big sister, wouldn't you say so?

16. At 2 Months

At 2 Months
Bode Roloff is two months old!!!! His famous mother shared this lovely photo of her baby in celebration.

17. Comfy with Mommy

Comfy with Mommy
Not the best look at the little guy, granted. But perhaps the greatest invention ever made for a parent?

18. We're on a Boat!

We're on a Boat!
Andy Samberg would be proud of this one. What a perfect afternoon!

19. Audrey Turns 29!

Audrey Turns 29!
We don't know what she got for her birthday, but we can't imagine any gifts better than the small ones pictured here.

20. Yay for America!

Yay for America!
Bode lives in the home of the brave and the land of the free, and he's pictured here on July 4.

21. Matching Sweaters!

Matching Sweaters!
Come on. Who says that only twins can get dressed up in the same outfit? Not Audrey!

22. At the Doctor's Office

At the Doctor's Office
Sure looks like Audrey and Jeremy took their kids here to the doctor's office, but Bode doesn't look too traumatized from getting a shot, does he?

23. Happy Resurrection Day!

Happy Resurrection Day!
Audrey and Jeremy and their kids are all dressed up in this photo and excited to celebrate Easter.

24. Happy Resurrection Day, Take 2!

Happy Resurrection Day, Take 2!
Another snapshot from Easter Sunday, an occasion that allowed us to see Bode all dressed up and adorable.

25. Home, Very Sweet Home

Home, Very Sweet Home
Talk about a gorgeous family! Audrey and Jeremy are at home with their children here, early on in the pandemic.

26. Prayer Walking

Prayer Walking
Audrey is off here on a 'prayer walk' with her husband and daughter, as she has described it. This was also photographed early amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

27. On a Road Trip

On a Road Trip
The view from Glacier National Park looks rather outstanding for the family during their multiple-week summer trip in 2020, huh?

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