Audrey Roloff Shares Private Delivery Room Photos, Incredible Labor Story

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Audrey Roloff has been awfully candid since giving birth to her second child.

First, she shared a photo of her post-pregnancy body.

Then, she revealed a painful medical condition.

Now, the former Little People, Big World star is going into detail about actually giving birth to son Bode.

Brand New Parents

Wrote Audrey to open a caption to the amazing photos above and below:

"The morning of January 8th I went in for my 40 week appointment and I was 3cm dialated but not having contractions or any signs of labor yet... other than Bode feeling like he was going to fall out of me he was so low."

Audrey was right at her due date for this doctor's appointment, but still didn't think Bode would be born just yet.

Daughter Ember, after all, was a full 12 days late.

He's Here, Everyone!

Continued Audrey, referring to this snapshot here:

"Since it was my due date there was a little bit of extra hopefulness that just maybe... When I got home from my apt. I snapped a pic of my 40 week belly and posted it saying, “Happy due date baby boy, you can come out now.”

"Little did I know... I was just a few hours away from holding our son for the first time."

Sounds rather dramatic, right? You have no idea, folks.

Bode Arrives

"I had lots of Braxton Hicks all throughout my third trimester so I wasn’t really paying much attention to how consistent they were this time around," Audrey wrote, referring to the type of contractions that do NOT signify labor and adding:

"I just figured I’d know for sure this time around when it was the real deal. But with Bode it wasn’t so obvious."

Audrey, who also told this story on her podcast this week, went on:

"Around 4:00pm I was having lots of consistent Braxton Hicks contractions, but they were a little more uncomfortable than normal. By 4:30 I thought what the heck... I guess I’ll start timing these just to see."

Audrey Roloff Reads

What happened next?

"They were about 4 minutes apart... I went up stairs and put the last minute things in my hospital bag and change my clothes.

"While upstairs the contractions turned into the kind where you have to stop and focus on breathing."

In other words: The baby was totally on the way!

Amazing Audrey Roloff Photo

"At 5 pm I called my mom and said she better come over to be with Ember 'just in case,'" added Audrey.

"I still wasn’t convinced. My mom showed up at 5:30 and at this point my contractions where about 3-4 min apart and painful enough for me to tell Jer, 'I think Bode might be born on his due date.'"

And from there?

The race was on.

Happy Birthday, Bode!

"My labor with Ember was pretty fast, so we knew we wanted to air on the side of leaving sooner than later," wrote Audrey, telling her personal tale as follows:

"We ended up leaving right after my mom arrived. Straight into rush hour traffic. 25 minutes of laboring in the truck while in stop and go traffic Jer may have run a few red lights."

As many women -- and also men -- know well,  labor can take a VERY long time. It can take hours, if not more than a full day.

But for Audrey and this example?

Audrey Roloff, Post-Birth

"We checked into labor and delivery at the hospital at 6:30 and I was 8 cm dialated... Bode was born at 7:36 sooooo from the time we got there, things happened fast!" she concluded.

Wow, huh?

We can't imagine how stressful that must have been, but we're just grateful mother and child ended up happy and healthy and that everyone is still doing well.

Welcome to the world, Bode Roloff. You're a certified cutie!

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