Audrey Roloff Reveals Moving Family Photo, "Dreaded" Medical Diagnosis

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Audrey Roloff is once again struggling physically in her postpartum state.

But, as the former reality star makes clear in a new Instagram post, she's being propped up emotionally by a rather amazing suppoort system.

Roloff Family Moment

The ex-Little People, Big World star --  who now hosts a podcast and who wrote a relationship memoir last year with husband Jeremy -- gave birth to a son named Bode back on January 8.

The kid is a cutie and Audrey couldn't feel more blessed.

However, just like what happened shortly after welcoming daughter Ember into the world, Audrey is having some issues with her body.

She first addressed this topic a week after giving birth.

Resting with Her Kids

"Postpartum has been hard on my body," Audrey wrote as a caption to the photo above, which features both Ember and Bode, adding:

"But cuddling with these precious little loves makes my heart so full. What an honor it is to be their mama."

Just a day later, Audrey shared the following photo and, along with it, gave followers a glimpse at both her bare belly and her mindset these days.

"Just keepin it real over here while this past week has been full of newborn snuggles and heart melting moments... it’s also been really hard," confessed Audrey as a message alongside this picture:

Audrey Roloff, Post-Birth

Almost two years ago to the day, Audrey opened up on social media about her diagnosis of Mastitis, which is a condition that affects new, breastfeeding mothers.

(Mastitis is inflammation of the breast. It manifests with reddening or swelling or both, and can be quite painful.)

Now, in her latest post, Audrey admits that this has sadly happened again.

"I came down with the dreaded “M word” a couple days ago... *cough* mastitis *cough," wrote Audrey as a caption to the very first photo shared above, continuing as follows:

"I’ve been fighting it with all the things and thankfully my fever is dropping and I’m starting to feel a little better today.

"Meanwhile my incredible husband has been entertaining Ember girl, helping with Bode, and taking care of me."

Auds, Jer and Bode

Jeremy, for his part, is a pretty huge fan of his wife as well.

Added Audrey in her latest post:

"This was a special moment that I’m so glad I captured from the other night.

"It was the first time he held and read to both of our babies at the same time. I just feel so crazy grateful for the humans cuddled up on that chair."

Roloff Women, Babies

Concluded Audrey in her message to and about Jeremy:

Also, yesterday marked 10 years since the day I met Jeremy - soaking wet and covered in mud, wearing my running buns and a sports bra...If you read our book you know the story behind that. But wow.

I can’t believe it’s been a full DECADE since that day. I love you babe. Thank you for loving me and our growing family so well.

Pretty great, right?

We remain so happy for this couple and we send Audrey our best wishes.

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