Audrey Roloff Explains New Baby Name: Where Did Bode Come From?!?

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Audrey Roloff knows you have questions, dear readers and loyal followers.

And now she's here to answer at least one of them.

The former Little People, Big World star is here to tell you all about her second child's first name.

A Kiss for Bode

As you likely know by now, Audrey and Jeremy welcomed little Bode James Roloff into the world on January 8.

He was a couple days late (just like his sister, Ember, back in 2017) and he weighed a strong nine pounds, two ounces -- while measuring 21 inches in length -- upon his arrival.

In the days since this blessed event, Audrey has been very candid with her fans -- explaining, for instance, why she's struggling a little bit these days with the look of her body.

"Postpartum has been hard on my body, but cuddling with these precious little loves makes my heart so full. What an honor it is to be their mama," she wrote as a caption to the photo below.

Resting with Her Kids

But while Audrey has suffered a little bit physically (she's also been diagnosed, again, with mastitis), it's clear she could not be happier with this addition to her family.

And now, along those lines, the podcast host has shared new photos of young Bode, along with never-before-told details behind his name.

"Bode’s name means messenger.

"We pray for our Bode to be a messenger of the Gospel. That his life would be a message of hope, truth, and love to many," she told Instagram followers late on Tuesday.

Ember and Bode Photo

That's a pretty special and moving basis for the name right there.

But Audrey then went on to say there's even more to it.

"His name is a nod to my maiden name “Botti” pronounced “bo-tee,” as a way to honor my side of the family," added Audrey, elaborating as follows:

"His middle name “James” is a family name on the Roloff side. Jeremy, his dad, his grandpa and his great grandpa all have the middle name James."

Audrey Roloff, Post-Birth

As for the process behind arriving at this sort of unique moniker?

'We were pretty set on Bode (pronounced “bo-dee”) during my pregnancy but we’re still tossing around other ideas into my 3rd trimester," she says.

"Then one day randomly Jer’s grandma called him and said, “I have a really good name suggestion for you! What about Bode?!” We were shook. It was a confirming affirmation."

Wow, look at that! Made it easy we guess, huh?

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff and Baby

In conclusion, Audrey only had one thing to say:

"We love you so much already Bode James Roloff."

Really, what else is there for her to say, right?

Check out a handful of Bode James Roloff photos right here... and now!

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