Meri Brown Turns 49, Gets Snubbed by All Sister Wives

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Meri Brown turned 49 years old on January 16.

But here's the sad thing:

You wouldn't know it unless you specifically followed Meri on social media.

Meri Brown on Her Birthday

Which is to say the following:

As far as we can tell, no member of the Sister Wives cast -- which means, by extension, no member of Brown's immediate family -- even bothered to wish Meri a happy birthday last week.

If you noticed any sort of message on the Instagram page or Twitter account of Kody, Janelle, Christine and/or Robyn Brown, please let us know. We certainly could have missed it.

And it's certainly possible there was some sort of private celebration in Meri's honor or private well wishes that were sent her way by these Sister Wives.

Meri and Dayton

All we can say for sure, however, is that Meri’s daughter, Mariah, came in for the weekend to celebrate, along with her fiancée, Audrey Kriss.

The Sister Wives star shared a photo of the three of them on Thursday afternoon (above) and wrote as a caption:

“Perfect birthday day with my girls! Living in Chicago, they miss @caferio and I’m a super fan of it, so it’s a win-win!!'

Interestingly enough, Robyn’s son Dayton shares a birthday with Meri.

As a result, the new 49-year old posted a photo of the two of them on her Instagram Story on January 16 and wrote:

"Celebrating birthdays together again with this cool dude!”

Meri Photo

So at least Meri wasn't alone, you know?

But it's worth remembering a couple things here:

First, Meri posted a picture with Kody last year in honor of this same occasion, writing as a caption in 2019:

“So Kody and I went out for my birthday the other night and found this hidden gem in Flagstaff.

"I mean, maybe it was hidden, maybe we’re just new to town lol! #BlackBartsSteakhouse and Musical Revue was so fun, and we got to experience the musical talents of students from #NAU Definitely a win!!.”

Meri Brown in the Sun

A lot has clearly changed since then, considering Meri did not go out with her husband this time around and Kody did not even mention the birthday in public in any way.

This is also just the latest sign that a whole lot is amiss between Meri and her alleged loved ones.

On last week's new episode of Sister Wives, Meri complained over how none of the other women would help her move. 

A week prior to that, viewers wondered why none of these women offered to temporarily house Meri when her rental arrangement fell through.

Meri Brown in a Confessional

In other words: There's been tension between Meri and Janelle, Robyn and Christine for a long time.

We can even go back to May 2019 and the shot Meri took at selfish women that certainly appeared to be intended for her fellow Sister Wives.

So, does this add fuel to the fiery speculation that Brown may soon leave the show and her family behind? One would think so.

But then one would only need to go back and see what Meri just said about that topic to apparently think otherwise.

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