Sister Wives Respond: Why Didn't They Help Out Meri on the Premiere?!?

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It's one of the worst kept secrets on reality television:

Meri Brown does not get along with her fellow Sister Wives.

Kody Brown on the Premiere

Back in May, Meri didn't reference Janelle, Robyn or Christine by name -- yet she still clearly dragged all three of these women as selfish via a scathing Instagram post.

"I wish more women realized that helping another woman win, cheering her on, praying for her, or sharing a resource with her, does NOT take away from the blessings coming to them, Meri wrote at the time, adding:

"In fact, the more you give, the more you receive. Empowering women doesn’t come from selfishness but rather from selflessness."

The source of Meri's bitterness at the time seemed to have been the refusal of these Sister Wives to help Meri out at all with her new bed and breakfast business,.

Meri Brown and Company

In June of 2019, Meri also wrote the following on social media:

“Never water yourself down just because someone can’t handle you at 100 proof."

We took that as yet another shot at her polygamous family members... and it doesn't sound like we were alone.

A great number of Sister Wives fans watched Sunday night's Season 14 premiere and clicked off their television sets under the strong impression that these women simply don't get along.

Meri Brown in 2020

Allow us to explain why...

On this opening episode of 2020, Meri was horrified to discover that her new neighbors in Arizona not only disapproved of her lifestyle...

... but had complained to her landlord about it and the landlord responded by basically asking Meri to ditch her rental home.

“I was, like, completely open with her,” Meri said on air. “They put it in the contract — in the rental contract. She knows we’re a plural family. She knows we’re gonna be filming in the house."

Meri Brown Moves

Despite Meri having signed a lease, the home's owner was strongly considering evicting this reality star as a tenant.

And Brown didn't know what to do about it.

“If I walk away, what does that say about me? Just being a chicken? Is that like letting them win?” she wondered aloud on the premiere.

"Because of their bullying? ‘Cause that’s what it is. They’re bullying me. They’re bullying the owner to kick me out because they don’t like who I am without even knowing me.

"If I cave and I let them bully me out of this house, then they win."

Meri Brown on the Couch

In the end, Meri went back to Las Vegas by herself, while mentioning to viewers that she'd be staying in that city until another rental opened up in Arizona.

Brown didn't seem too upset by this resolution, yet many observers were left to ask:

Wait, why didn't any of the other Sister Wives take Meri in for a bit?!?

These Sister Wives

"Mixed feelings/emotions about staying in Vegas for three months while I found another house in Flagstaff,” Meri Tweeted during the show, adding:

“I LOVE Vegas (no secret) but it was hard being away from the family. I traveled back and forth often those months! #SisterWives.”

Janelle, meanwhile, retweeted that remark and added: “I’m so glad that is behind us," which prompted a fan to reply:

“A lot of us don’t understand why Meri couldn’t stay with you or Robyn?"

Meri Brown in 2019

Janelle noted this inquiry and responded to it as follows:

Meri runs a business that takes a lot of room and we have all moved into smaller homes compared to what we had. The bedrooms are full. We didn’t have an option.

janelle response

Christine Brown also Tweeted about the awkward situation as the episode aired, trying her best to come across as sympathetic to her co-star.

“It’s just sad that @MeriBrown1 is by herself in our cul-de-sac. Super lonely! We really missed her A LOT!!” wrote Christine, who does now own a large home in Arizona.

Christine also retweeted one fan comment that read:

“Watching @MeriBrown1 have to move back out of that house is just heartbreaking. Shouldn’t have ever happened.”

For the record, Meri is now residing in Flagstaff.

But is she happy there?

That's another question entirely.

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