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Meri Brown doesn’t seem to be feel very loved these days.

But that doesn’t mean she loves the idea of changing up her life in any substantial way, either.

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Over the past few months, we’ve relayed numerous reports about this reality star’s future on TLC.

Whether it be quotes from anonymous sources or cryptic messages from Meri herself, it’s certainly sounded as though Brown wasn’t sure about remaining part of her polygamous family.

Could one really blame her if these reports were accurate?

Kody Brown, remember, divorced Meri many years ago in order to legally marry someone else… and their relationship then deteriorated to such an extent that Meri tried to date back in 2015 — only to fall victim to a catfishing scheme.

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Ever since, both Meri and Kody have been pretty open about their faltering connection.

And Meri has been pretty open about feeling lost and hopeless in life.

Heck, the first two new episodes of this latest Sister Wives season has centered around how Meri was driven out of her new Arizona home by mean neighbors.

Subsequently, none of the other cast members offered to help her; with either temporary lodging or with a different move to a second new home in Flagstaff.

Meri Brown in a Confessional

This is all a preamble to say that questions about Meri’s future on Sister Wives are perfectly legitimate. They aren’t coming out of nowhere.

They are, however, apparently fruitless to continually ask, though, because Brown just made it rather clear that she isn’t going anywhere.

Back on Saturday, on January 11, a fan asked Meri a simple and, to be honest, ignorant question: “Are you still one of the Sister Wives, Meri?” 

Brown replied in telling manner, however: Yes ma’am, #SisterWifeForLife.

That hashtag is sure doing a lot of work there, isn’t it?

To be fair, Meri has never really said anything different. She has never really come out and said she was thinking of leaving the show or her married life or anything like that.

But fans have a set of eyes and ears and have been watching these new episodes and don’t exactly understand why Meri would want to stick around.

The Hollywood Gossip

“How are you a sister wife for life? We watched the episode last night," one person asked on Instagram, referring to the abuse Meri appears to take from the other women on the show and asking/stating:

"Is this staged for ratings? I mean … there is no love there? And how is Robyn not wanting you in her house?

"She cries and [says] that she is your friend?? But not inviting to come over etc … I m sorry Meri … but we as the public see you miserable.”

It’s true.

Photo via TLC

Plus, Janelle Brown just came out and claimed the entire show is real — which would indicate the extreme tension between Meri and everyone else is also real, which would cause us to agree and also ask:

Why not start over somewhere else, Meri?!?

You should really think about it.