Jessa Duggar to Parents: You Need Me More Than I Need You!

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These are tumultuous times for the Duggar family.

These days, it seems not a week goes by without whispers of another controversy, and the future of the family media empire remains more uncertain than at any point since the Josh Duggar sex scandals.

Josh Duggar at Church

Appropriately, the current downward spiral once again began with Josh.

Fans were shocked by news that Homeland Security agents had raided a car dealership owned by the eldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle.

At this point, the cause of the raid remains a mystery, and while no charges have been filed, the investigation into Josh and his business practices is reportedly ongoing.

But no matter the outcome, the latest Josh mess is just the beginning of the Duggars' current woes.

Josh Duggar: Back on the 'Gram

The feud between Derick Dillard and Jim Bob Duggar seems to get uglier by the day, and the beef has reportedly caught the attention of TLC execs, who are concerned that Dillard's allegations are beginning to make them look bad.

The Duggars are still good -- if not necessarily great -- for ratings, but the network might decide to play it safe and cut the whole family loose if Derick continues loudly accusing the network of making shady backdoor deals with Jim Bob.

Like we said, these are very tough times for the Duggars.

But what's bad for the rest of the clan might turn out to be very, very good for Jessa Duggar.

Jessa Seewald on Her Gram

Yes, like Littlefinger on Game of Thrones, where others see chaos, Jessa sees a ladder to success.

Josh was fired from the show years ago; Jill and Derick are at the top of Jim Bob's sh-t list; the perennially rebellious Jinger isn't far behind them on said list; and Jana is still single and childless, which means she's rejected a core tenet of her parents' teachings.

All of this places Jessa in a position of supreme power.

Fans have always been more interested in the women of the family than the men, and currently, Jessa is the only Duggar mother in a position to carry her father's vision into the next decade.

Jessa Duggar Holds Son

To be clear, we'd be far more interested in a reality show starring Jinger or Jana.

After all, casting off the shackles of a fundamentalist upbringing is far more intriguing than playing ball.

But that's not how Jim Bob wants his family portrayed, and thus, those shows will never happen.

No, among adult female Duggars, only Jessa has toed the line -- a fact that gives her tremendous power over her parents.

Jessa Duggar on her dramatic delivery!

This fact is not lost on the commentators who make the Duggar-obsessed corner of Reddit such a lively place.

“Jessa knows how to play the game is the way I see it,” one fan wrote this week.

“I don’t think she took all the [religious] teachings to heart," another commented.

"I think she saw the system and realized she could work it. … She saw it all as a system to be manipulated for cash and gifts from her parents.”

Ben, Jessa

A third postulated that Jessa chose a husband who would enable her to maintain absolute power.

“Maybe she picked Ben because she knew she could hold the power in the relationship while giving him the illusion of headship,” they wrote.

Obviously, that last part is mere speculation.

But there's no question that Jessa is rising through the Duggar power rankings with impressive speed these days.

Jessa Duggar Confesses

The recent episode of Counting On that focused on the birth of Jessa's third child was the highest-rated of the season.

And you can be sure that fact caught the attention of worried TLC execs.

More and more, the elder Duggars are a pain in the network's side.

But a Jessa-based spinoff might be the solution both sides have been looking for.

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