Matt Roloff: What Will He Do with the Farmhouse Now That Amy Moved Out?

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Late in 2019, Amy Roloff moved into her new home, leaving her old house and Roloff Farms behind. This was a huge change.

But what will become of the old farmhouse? Matt responded to that question just recently.

Jackson Roloff, Amy Roloff, Caryn Chandler, and Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff loves to get ideas and then run wild with them.

It's part of what led him and Amy to purchase Roloff Farms decades ago and raise their children there.

It has led to multiple projects on the land over the years, both for the benefit of their business and for their children -- and now, their grandchildren.

So what big plans does Matt have in store for the farmhouse now that Amy has her own place?

It's Moving Day

When Matt and Amy split up years ago, they amicably decided that Amy would continue to reside in the farmhouse.

Matt would then get what was then the guest house.

It's a little awkward living just feet away from your ex -- especially when one is carrying on with the woman with whom he allegedly cheated.

But they made it work until 2019, when Amy found a new place in a new neighborhood for her ... and for her new man.

Amy Roloff on Christmas

Given Amy Roloff's net worth, it's no surprise that she was able to afford a nice new house.

Her new residence sports five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Amy and Chris shared their Christmas blessings from the new house.

Even so, there was a bit of a downside to the move that Amy has acknowledged.

Amy Roloff and Cute Ember

Moving is one of the most stressful life milestones that most people will experience in their lives. It's right up there with divorce.

She had to pack up her entire life and leave the place where she lived. She's also a bit further away from her children and grandchildren, now.

Amy acknowledged that her dog also had a little bit of trouble adjusting to the change.

That makes sense -- her dog has only ever known Roloff Farms as home. This new place must feel like a vacation that just won't end.

Matt Roloff Drives

Now that the farmhouse is Matt's alone, a fan very naturally asked him what he has in mind.

"Now that Amy has moved, who will live in the big house?" the fan asked on Instagram recently.

"Amy hasn’t quite gotten completely moved out yet," Matt revealed in reply.

Matt then announced: "After she does we will figure out a plan."

Matt Roloff and Bode

We are of course sure that Matt wants to figure something out that doesn't feel disrespectful to his family.

He and Caryn will likely want to deliberate. Do they move in, or do they do something bigger and grander?

In the mean time, the two of them seem to be enjoying themselves at their vacation home in Arizona.

Matt is a grandpa now. January in Oregon is probably a little unkind ot his joints.

Matt Roloff Sells Roloff Farms Pumpkin Salsa

Speaking of what Matt is up to now, he recently took to Instagram to remind his fans and followers about Roloff Farms pumpkin salsa.

It's all made from the pumpkins that they grow on their land. As you may recall, it was Amy's idea to make pumpkin salsa

Countless fans have expressed their dismay that their local grocery stores don't carry the salsa, but they want to try it.

Well, it's now on Amazon Prime, and Matt recommends that you order some in time for the Superbowl, which is apparently this Sunday.

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