Amy Roloff Sends Christmas Blessings... From Her New House!

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Amy Roloff has so much to be thankful this holiday season.

Like, seriously, SO much.

Not only does the Little People, Big World have a steady man in her life she's agreed to marry... she has a new home in which to unpack and get settled.

Amy Roloff on Christmas

And Amy combined both of these milestones in a single Instagram post on Christmas Day.

As you can see in the photos above and below, Roloff sent a message to her followers that included snapshots of the reality star in this new residence, along with one of her snuggling up to Chris Marek.

"A very Merry Christmas Day to you all!" Amy wrote to open her lengthy caption.

She then delved into the religious aspect of this holiday and all it means to her.

Amy Roloff and Her Pet

"Im still in awe of the miracle in the gift of Jesus each year and everyday," wrote the TLC personality, adding:

"A priceless gift for us all- full of love joy peace forgiveness... and all we have to do is receive it. What a gift!"

Roloff, as referenced above, accepted a different kind of gift from Marek a few months ago, accepting her long-time boyfriend's proposal on the couple's three-year dating anniversary.

We continue to be so very happy for these two.

In the Car with Chris

Added Amy in her caption:

"Chris and I celebrated Christmas in the new house! New memories and adventure together. What a change to be someplace new. And I’ll look forward to making dinner and having most of my kids and grandkids over!"

Amy, of course, welcomede one new grandchild about a month ago, after Tori Roloff gave birth to a daughter named Lilah.

And Audrey Roloff is scheduled to give birth to a son at some point in early January.

Amy and Lilah

Concluded Amy in her December 25 message:

Gift of Christas, not only Jesus but being with each other, embracing these moments as precious, not to take for granted but with gratitude. Christmas - Emmanuel - God with us.

I hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends and celebrate the gift. Merry Christmas with Love.

#christmasmorning #thegift #jesus #familyandfriends #nearandfar #merrychristmas2019.

Amy Roloff With Wine

Amy, sadly, also said goodbye to her mother late this year, as the 86-year old lost her life after a lengthy illness.

Roloff has since admitted that she's struggling, but she's trying -- which is all one can really do when faced with adversity, right?

Here's to a happy and healthy and generally blessed 2020 for Amy and her family!

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