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Early last month, we reported that longtime Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff bought a new house.

She really did need to make a clean break from her ex-husband Matt, even though they made peace.

But after a series of financial decisions and her huge divorce just a few years ago, what is Amy’s net worth?

Amy Roloff with Her Memoir

Amy and Matt Roloff met in 1987, at a Little People of America convention. Amy has achondroplasia. 

Matt has diastrophic dysplasia, which is degenerative and caused him to require 15 surgeries as a child.

Still, they were both little people, and despite their different challenges, they had a lot in common.

Jackson Roloff, Amy Roloff, Caryn Chandler, and Matt Roloff

They fell in love and got married.

Together, they have four children. One of their twin sons, Zach (below), is also a little person.

Matt actually worked in tech, but in 1990, he and Amy purchased 34 acres in Helvetia, Oregon.

Three Roloff Men

That property is what fans and viewers of the beloved TLC reality show know as the beloved Roloff Farms.

Roloff Farms is more than just a tourist destination that sees tens of thousands of visitors each year.

It is also the property on which they raised their children.

Photo via Instagram

The Roloffs did not simply settle down and resign themselves to being pumpkin farmers and reality stars.

They have had a keen eye for real estate, and have spent years purchasing, flipping, and reselling homes for a tidy profit.

Matt and Amy have multiple business ventures, including the wildly successful pumpkin salsa – which was Amy’s idea.

Amy Roloff Offers Up Treats

(If you’re interested, Amy says that fans can request that their local grocery stores stock it. Note to self: I absolutely have to try that)

All good things must come to an end, and marriage can be a very good thing. Their date of divorce was May 18, 2016.

A 29-year relationship is a very lengthy one.

Matt Accuses Amy of Holding Him

Sometimes, people just grow apart.

Sometimes, husbands spend long hours with an employee and then start dating her right after the split. (See Caryn Chandler.)

But Amy and Matt have both moved on and buried their old resentments, bonding over their ever-growing number of grandchildren.

Photo via Instagram

Divorce can be expensive, especially when so much of a couple’s wealth has been entangled in not only the same bank accounts, but hte same properties.

So how much is Amy actually worth in terms of net wealth?

Online estimates say that Amy Roloff is worth $4.5 million when all of her assets, including liquid currency, are combined.

However, that may not tell the whole story.

Amy Roloff Engagement Ring

Amy very recently sold a portion of Roloff Farms back to Matt. Ownership of the property had become a source of contention.

The exes found it difficult to agree on major decisions, a recurring issue and one compounded by the divorce, no doubt.

This was particularly hard on Matt, who gets an idea and wants to immediately get started. Amy is more cautious.

Amy Roloff and Pumpkins

In exchange for this sale, Amy received $667,000 – a hefty sum all on its own.

If this recent sale was not taken into account during her latest net worth estimations, as many suspect, that changes the number.

That would make Amy’s estimated total net worth over $5 million.

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff on Live

This is fantastic news for Amy, though it may further the worries of concern trolls among Amy’s fans who wonder if her wealth makes her a target.

For years, critics have tried to claim that Chris Marek, her longtime boyfriend, is just after wealth or fame.

That’s insulting to Amy and they should give it a rest.