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We’ll get into the meat of the following article in just a few moments.

First, however, we need to go find the world’s smallest violin…

… and play it for Kody Brown.

Kody Brown in a Promo

The Sister Wives star, as you well know, has four wives. That’s the entire premise of his family’s TLC reality show.

He also has 18 kids and, according to Kody himself, may even be anxious for yet another.

Therefore, one would have to think that Brown is always surrounded by other people, always busy, always has someone to talk to and all of that.

In other words: He can’t ever be lonely, right?!?

Kody Brown in Arizona

Wrong, Kody himself wrote on Twitter this past Sunday night.

The latest installment of this long-running program featured Kody presenting his idea for a polygamous palace to his quartet of better halves: Robyn, Janelle, Meri and Christine.

He told his Sister Wives about his dream of EVERYone sharing one giant home in Flagstaff, Arizona and how this would make his life a whole lot easier.

The idea was met with crickets and/or criticism, however, and not a single wife was down with the plan.

And this is when Kody Tweeted the following while watching along with the rest of America:

Earlier that same evening, while live-Tweeting the episode, Kody wrote that he faced a “total lack of enthusiasm” from his family when he showed the gang his plan for the mansion in which he wanted them all to reside.

He added  at the time:

“OK! Seriously! The antagonistic energy from some of these ladies is scaring me into ‘unselling’ this thing."

Perhaps that’s because the wives want lives of their own and shudder at the thought of living under one roof and Kody ought to consider their feelings for a change?

Scary Kody Brown

This was made evident on both the episode itself and also on Twitter while the episode aired — because Kody wasn’t the only cast member Tweeting along with  it.

Janelle Brown, for example, wrote the following on social media:

“It will be no secret. I’m in love with the one house idea."

Robyn, meanwhile, Tweeted: “Kody is brave! Dropping this bomb on Christmas Eve. I was so worried it would make people upset and ruin Christmas."

Could this be why Kody is seeking a fifth wife? So he can find someone who actually agrees with him?

Kody Brown in Aghast

These reactions really should come as no shock to Kody.

Remember back in March 2019? When Christine first heard the proposal for one huge home in Flagstaff? And she responded thusly?

"I would happily live next door to [my sister wives] for the rest of my life. Absolutely. With them? No, no. Have you met them?”

Yes, she did laugh after she made the statement, but it was clear she was serious about needing some distance from the rest of her husband’s wives.

Can you blame her?!?