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After Meghan King Edmonds claimed that her ex is dating their former threesome partner, he fired back with wild allegations of his own.

Now, Meghan says that she’s feeling attacked by the general public. She wants fans to remember that she’s a real person with real feelings.

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"I’ve listened to the latest Intimate Knowledge Podcast three times," Meghan King Edmonds begins her emotional Instagram post.

She notes that she has listened to her own words repeatedly "and I can’t stop crying each time."

"Each time I think about it," Meghan writes, I feel like this."

She is referring to this photo in which she is humorously posing in fear of a tennis mural.

"I feel small," Meghan expresses. "I feel like a target."

"And I feel like my opponent is bigger and meaner than me," she laments.

Meghan makes it clear that by "opponent," she does not merely mean her ex-husband, Jim Edmonds.

She writes: "But sometimes that ‘opponent’ comes in the form of the public tearing me down."

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"It hurts," Meghan laments, reminding her fans and followers: "I’m a real person."

Sometimes, it is easy to forget that public figures, even those who are no longer on TV, are going through a lot in real life and not just for "drama."

"Please lift me up today," she implores anyone reading her post.

Meghan concludes with a shoutout to her fans and supporters: "Thank you for the love."

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First of all, it would be an honor to be a tiny human crushed by the giant tennis ball of a mural of Serena Williams come to life.

But in any event, Meghan’s point here is simple. She is expressing that she is in pain and asking for the public to be gentle with her.

We’re impressed that she was able to listen to herself so many times — for a lot of people, it’s hard to listen to or read their own work right after doing it.

And Meghan really does have a lot going on. Her divorce has been very public and deeply bitter.

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On her podcast, Meghan described having participated in a threesome with her erstwhile husband, Jim Edmonds, early in their marriage.

She then alleged that the woman with whom they had a threesome had been Jim’s date in Cabo.

Meghan expressed feelings of betrayal at this, even wondering if this woman and Jim had hooked up one-on-one behind her back.

It was, after all, concern over Jim’s infidelity that dissolved their marriage.

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Upon hearing what Meghan said on her podcast, however, Jim hit back.

Not only did he object to her characterization of their past threesome, he insinuated that Meghan had cheated with multiple women.

Specifically, he claimed to have learned that Meghan had "carried on with a few of these women without me being present."

He noted that this would qualify as cheating.

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Jim also said that “as far as threesomes go, there were more than a few initiated by Meghan and only Meghan."

He also insisted that the woman who was his date in Cabo is not currently friends with Meghan.

According to Jim, these two women have not spoken for three years. Which, for the record, would not change things in many people’s eyes.

Many fans suspect that the truth lies somewhere between Meghan and Jim. You know, like another woman.