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Kody Brown is 51 years old. He has four wives and 18 children.

He also has a massive home renovation project on his hands.

And yet… he just said he might not have enough on his plate.

Kody Brown in Aghast
Photo via TLC

By which we mean the following, jaw-dropping revelation:


This is not just some baseless rumor or piece of chatter, either. This is something the Sister Wives patriarch himself said on Sunday night’s episode of the TLC reality show.

Kody Brown in Arizona
Photo via TLC

“A lot of people, a lot my peers, are looking forward to an empty nest,” Kody said during a family gathering. “I’ve never been that person. I’m constantly debating with myself whether Ari’s the last or not.”

Wait, excuse you, Mr. Brown?!?

Kody is referring about to the latest child he had with Robyn their daughter, Ariella. It’s been presumed by most viewers that this would be Kody’s final child overall.

But now he’s apparently thinking differently.

Scary Kody Brown
Photo via TLC

“I realized that I’m 50 and so by the time Ariella is done being my little girl, that I’ll be 70,” he explained in a confessional, adding:

“I was either looking forward to being a father, or a father, for the past 35 years."

"It’s a weird thought for me to think that I am not gonna have any more kids."

Kody Brown Makes a Point
Photo via TLC

It sounds sort of insane for someone of Kody’s age, with so many kids already under his belt, to consider adding a newborn to the mix.

But then you stop and realize the truth:

It’s not like he plays any real role in the raising of these sons and daughters, you know? That responsibility falls to the Sister Wives.

Meri Brown and Company
Photo via TLC

How does Robyn feel about this responsiblity?

Considering, as the youngest wife, she’d almost definitely be the one who Kody impregnates in this scenario?

In her own confessional, the 41-year old addressed the possibility, saying of Kody:

“It’s like he’s trying to say, ‘I’m young enough to have more kids if I want to.’"

Kody Brown on the Premiere
Photo via TLC

"Kody and I are like always trying to make sure that our family is complete and there isn’t some sweet little spirit in Heaven waiting to be born to our family."

"We just want to make sure that, like, Ari really, truly is the last of our family."

How will they ever be sure of this, however? That’s the question.

Nutty Kody Brown
Photo via Instagram

With constant talk of Robyn beiing pregnant, one of her good friends actually spoke to In Touch Weekly in March of 2019 about this exact topic.

"No, Robyn is not having another baby,” Kendra Pollard-Parra said back then, adding:

“She had a really hard pregnancy the last time around and she gained a ton of weight. She already has breathing issues so she has a really hard time losing weight.”

These Sister Wives
Photo via TLC

A year ago, Robyn echoed this sentiment when talking to Us Weekly.

“At this point, we feel like we’re done, but we’re open to God’s inspiration,” she told the celebrity gossip tabloid in January 2019.

“When we grow our family, it’s sort of by inspiration. If we were blessed with more children, of course, I’d be totally open to that.”

Hashtag Sister Wives
Photo via TLC

So the door does remain open, it seems. For now. We’ll see if a newborn ever walks through it.

Until then, we can go back to wondering about a different kind of addition for the Browns:

Is Kody about to take on a fifth wife?!?!?!?!?!?!?