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The past year may have been the most eventful in Jenni Farley’s life.

The Jersey Shore star – affectionately referred to by fans as JWoww – generated enough drama in 2019 to fuel a dozen reality shows.

JWOWW at the MTV Movie and TV Awards
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In August, she finalized her divorce from Roger Mathews.

Several months prior, she began dating Zach Carpinello.

Amazingly, this tumultuous relationship has yielded almost as many tabloid headlines as her messy split from Mathews.

Zack and JWoww

Of course, through all the ups and downs, nothing has caused Jenni as much strife as being a parent.

Most specifically, confronting and handling the health issues endured by her son, Greyson.

The 5-year-old suffers from severe Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as OCD.

At Home with Greyson

Both conditions have hampered his social development and made it extremely difficult for Greyson to regulate his emotions.

Jenni has been candid about her son’s struggles throughout his life, and she has delighted in sharing his progress with fans.

Earlier this week, she posted a video of Greyson interacting with his sister, Meilani. Some fans found the footage disturbing.

In the clip, posted above, the 33-year-old MTV star can be heard encouraging the boy to wake his sister up for school.

He does so by striking her, and while Jenni immediately corrects his actions, it seems that wasn’t enough for some fans.

She captioned the clip:

"I am an only child so I’ll never get it these two fight the hardest and love each other endlessly… all in the same breath."

Here's Greyson!

Jenni added: "@greysonmathews go to move for waking @meilanimathews is hulk smash."

Many commenters took the "go-to move" remark as an indication that this sort of thing happens often.

Farley was quick to push back against the mom-shaming that ensued.

JWoww Films Son Greyson Valor

"I am encouraging my son to help wake his sister for school. He gets joy out of helping me and helping his sister," she replied.

"He also is learning what he can and can’t do. One being hitting."

Clearly worked up over the implication that her daughter is not safe in their home, Jenni continued her tirade from there:

Photo via Instagram

"I can reassure you, almost every parent will deal with this issue, because it’s called life," she added.

"I posted it because it’s a brother learning boundaries with his sister but also excited to wake her for school. You, on the other hand, want to encourage problems when there are none."

And she wasn’t through yet:

JWOWW Reacts to Something

"You want to spew negativity and just talk shit because why?" JWoww continued.

"R u bored? Ur thrive not selling? Husband cheating? You go, girl!"

"Teach those parents on the internet how to parent so u can feel good about yourself."

Annoyed Jenni

Clearly, the remarks struck a chord with Jenni. And, perhaps in a show of defiance, she has not yet deleted the clip.

Of course, with fan interactions like this we wouldn’t be surprised if she follows Snooki and retires from Jersey Shore.

There’s only so much fan abuse you can take.