Jenni Farley Shares Amazing Update on Son's Health: Greyson Can Talk!

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For a while there, it seemed that whenever we reported on the Jersey Shore gang, it was to update you on the latest depressing developments in the lives of everyone's favorite guidos.

Whether it was Mike Sorrentino's prison sentence or Ronnie Magro's tumultuous relationship with Jen Harley, JS news came only in two flavors -- bad and worse.

Jersey Shore Cast Drinking

These days, however, it looks as though the tides have turned for the Shore gang.

The Situation is out of prison, while Ron and Jen's situation has somewhat stabilized.

(Yes, a breakup would be preferable, but we'll take encouraging news however we can get it.)

But of all the reasons for the Seaside Seven (no, we don't count Angelina) to be optimistic going into 2020, none is more heartwarming than the latest update on Jenni Farley's 5-year-old son, Greyson.

At Home with Greyson

As you may know from Jenni's refreshingly candid comments on recent episodes of Shore, Greyson has been diagnosed with autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

For most of his life, he has been unable to express himself verbally or understand words spoken by others.

That began to change recently thanks to a new form of therapy and a dedicated team of professionals.

Farley uploaded a video this week in which she ecstatically updated fans on Greyson's progress:

“Since he started with We Care Autism ABA (applied behavior analysis) services, [it] has been one hell of an experience,” Farley shared, noting that her insurance company initially resisted paying for the treatment, but that she fought “to get the best of the best … for Greyson.”

“He used to have [ABA therapy for] two-to-three hours, three times a week, and he would also do speech and OT [occupational therapy] at a local hospital,” Farley added.

“But over time, and recently, we got approved for 30 hours a week for ABA, which is huge ’cause 30 hours of ABA has been a game-changer,” Jenni explained.

Here's Greyson!

“Not only that, but Greyson goes to preschool three hours a day, five days a week and his ABA therapist Steph goes there for two hours a day with him to really help him transition into the everyday world with people and little kids his own age.”

“These guys changed my life and changed Greyson’s,” she added.

“I am a huge believer in ABA therapy.”

Jenni understandably gets choked up when discussing the major changes she's witnessed in Greyson in recent weeks:

A Kiss for Greyson

“Going from not acknowledging your name or being able to sit for literally 30 seconds to doing — I can’t even explain it,” she said.

“I can’t wait to show you [his progress] by Christmas. He should have even more of an update ’cause of how fast he’s been shooting from the hip,” she said. “I feel like our next goal will be fully potty trained, [counting from] one through 20 on his own, maybe more.”

“I don’t know, I feel like you’re just taking over the world one day at a time,”

Now that's the kind of Shore news we can take pleasure in reporting!

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