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In retrospect, we should’ve seen this one coming.

When Angelina Pivarnick re-joined the cast of Jersey Shore, we should’ve known it would only be a matter of time before she would butt heads with Jenni Farley.

But to be fair, we never could’ve guessed that the spat would involve a pierced nipple and a failed attempt at a threesome … gotta hand it to them on that one.

Obviously, we’ve seen some vicious Shore fights over the years. This show’s cast members have never minced words, which is part of why people adore them.

Several notable brawls have involved JWoww removing her comically-oversized earrings in order to get physical. But we have never, ever seen this brutal of a verbal exchange.

Yes, it was that bad … we wish we were kidding.

Check out the footage and decide for yourself: