Angelina Pivarnick to JWoww: Your Fugly Man is Dying to Bang Me!

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In retrospect, we should've seen this one coming.

When Angelina Pivarnick re-joined the cast of Jersey Shore, we should've known it would only be a matter of time before she would butt heads with Jenni Farley.

But to be fair, we never could've guessed that the spat would involve a pierced nipple and a failed attempt at a threesome ... gotta hand it to them on that one.

Obviously, we've seen some vicious Shore fights over the years. This show's cast members have never minced words, which is part of why people adore them.

Several notable brawls have involved JWoww removing her comically-oversized earrings in order to get physical. But we have never, ever seen this brutal of a verbal exchange.

Yes, it was that bad ... we wish we were kidding.

Check out the footage and decide for yourself:


1. 24 + 3 = Trouble

24 + 3 = Trouble
As longtime fans of the cultural phenomenon that is Jersey Shore probably know, Angelina and JWoww have never been friends, but the bad blood really reached a boiling point this season thanks to some shady behavior from Jenni's new boyfriend, Zack "24" Carpinello.

2. She Knows How to Pick 'Em

She Knows How to Pick 'Em
Carpinello, as you may already know, is ... what's the word we're looking for ... oh, yeah, a douchebag. As far as we can tell, he's not that into Jenni, and is merely using her to advance his pro wrestling career. (We're guessing his alter-ego for the ring is named Lord Douchington.)

3. Making Moves

Making Moves
Zack is a moron in many respects, but does seem self-aware enough to realize that he has to stay with Jenni a while in order for this promotional stunt to pan out, so he's found ways of keeping himself entertained while he bides his time.

4. Enter Angie

Enter Angie
While visiting Jenni in Las Vegas recently, Zack clearly decided to try and turn the pre-existing hostilities with Angelina into sexual tension and execute a threesome. Seriously, dude thought this was a good plan. Like we said, he's a moron.

5. So Crazy it Just Might Work?

So Crazy it Just Might Work?
To be fair, that strategy isn't quite as dumb as it sounds, as Angelina often uses hostility to conceal her attraction to members of the opposite sex. (For further examples of this, see her every interaction with Vinny.)

6. Plenty of Blame to Go Around

Plenty of Blame to Go Around
Also, to be clear, Angelina is not blameless in all of this. Pivarnick never knows when to leave well enough alone. At the same time, there's no question that JWoww should definitely be MORE pissed at Zack after the way all of this played out.

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