Christine Brown to TLC: Stop Making Me Look Bad!

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Christine Brown is not typically one to complain.

She's always been a rather agreeable cast member on Sister Wives, sort of just going with the whatever flow husband Kody Brown dictates.

But Christine has had a couple reasons to cause a stir of late.

Christine Brown Stops and Smiles

On the latest pair of Sister Wives episodes, for example, Kody has brought up the idea of all four of his wives, and all of his young children, living under the same roof.

This is Kody's dream scenario in Flagstaff, Arizona and he presented an official proposal outlining his plans for said mansion just this past Sunday night.

For financial reasons and understandable personal concerns, however, the Sister Wives did not respond with much enthusiasm to the presentation.

This included Christine, who voiced her opinion on the topic way back in March of 2019 when Kody first hinted at wanting everyone to live together.

Christine Brown on Her Gram

“I would happily live next door to [my sister wives] for the rest of my life. Absolutely. With them? No, no. Have you met them?" Christine said nearly a year ago.

Hard to blame her for taking that stance, isn't it?

Christine sort of reiterated this viewpoint when Kody mentioned the polygamous place again on air a few days ago, joining all the other women in expressing hesitation over shacking up as one enormous family.

But now it sounds like Christine maybe didn't really hate the idea? Or didn't hate it as much as the series made it look like she did?

Christine Brown Looks Happy

“My bratty reaction just makes me cringe,” Christine live-Tweeted during Sunday's episode, adding:

“I said very very logical things but … I’m not bad, just edited that way.”

The reality also included a graphic of the carton character Jessica Rabbit with the quote, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way,” so she was clearly also poking fun at herself and the situation.

christine says

Christine made it very evident during the episode that she was NOT thrilled about the idea of living in one house with her three fellow sister wives: Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown.

It didn't help that Kody continually brought up the prospect during the family’s Christmas festivities because his third wife just wanted to enjoy the holiday and not deal with the issue at that time.

“Let’s have a Merry Christmas!! And talk about the one house later,” Christine tweeted earlier the same evening.

She added later:

“I stress ate SO MUCH after @realkodybrown presented the ‘One House.’ I loved our living arrangement in Vegas and I just don’t see why we’d mess with perfection. It. Was. Perfect.”

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives in Season 14

We totally get it, Christine.

There's no reason for you to back track at all here.

Christine had similar feelings during the January 19 episode of the TLC series, making them known on social media then as well.

Kody’s second wife, Janelle, wrote on Twitter that night, “It will be no secret. I’m in love with the one house idea,” and Christine retweeted her and replied:

“It will be no secret. I’m not in love with the one house idea.”

Christine and Kody Brown Pose

That's because it's still and yet another example of Kody being selfish.

It's fine to say that, ladies, there's no need to blame producers for any kind of editing or to semi-apologize for your reaction.

Kody mishandled this propsal and you're well within your rights to shoot it down.

This is your life, after all. Kody does not own you.

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