The Bachelor: Should the Age Requirement For Contestants Be Raised to 27?

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Here for the right reasons.

It's the unofficial mantra of Bachelor contestants who seek to assure the audience, their fellow contestants, and the man handing out the all-important roses that they came to the show not for fame and followers, but to find love and, eventually, marriage.

Peter Weber and His Ladies

Yes, it's rare these days that the show's finale features a proposal and that that proposal leads to wedded bliss.

Part of the problem, of course, is that these days, there are incentives to appear on a wildly popular reality series that have nothing to do with falling in love.

The Bachelor franchise pre-dates social media, and like the framers of the Constitution, the show's creators could not have anticipated many of the problems that would arise in the modern age.

Numerous contestants have used their time on the show as a springboard to careers in entertainment.

Alayah is Back!

In other words, there are more "wrong reasons" to appear on the show than ever before.

And many fans have started to complain that the current season of The Bachelor is suffering because of its contestants questionable motives.

But what's to be done about the problem?

After all, it's not as though producers can hook potential cast members up to a lie detector to determine if they're sincere in their approach.

Victoria Fuller and Peter Weber

Well, Meg Rotter at Cosmo has proposed a solution, and it was inspired by one of the most weepy contestants from Peter Weber's season.

Yes, as you may have noticed many, many tears have been shed in recent episodes.

But this season's emo queen is clearly MyKenna Dorn, a 22-year-old fashion blogger from British Columbia.

MyKenna cries the way past contestants drew breath, and her teary responses to ... well, everything have inspired some hilarious memes.

MyKenna Meme

Granted, having traveled from the frozen tundra of Canada just to be taunted with a week in LA before being shipped off to Cleveland would likely cause anyone to turn on the waterworks.

But it's worth noting that Dorn's coping difficulties might have something to do with her age.

With all due respect to our college-aged readers, 22 is really young.

And it's especially young to be competing on a show in which the ultimate goal is marriage and kids.

Mykenna D.

Walk around any university campus and ask random people if they plan on getting married in the next year, and our guess is the mast majority will respond in the negative.

And the perceived immaturity among this year's cast is beginning to have an effect on viewers, many of whom are already declaring this The Bachelor's worst season yet.

And so, Rotter is recommending that the show pull itself out of a tailspin by instituting a new age minimum of 27.

Mykenna D. Photo

She cites a number of interesting statistics to support her point:

"According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average marrying age for women in 2019 was 28. For men, it was slightly higher at age 29.8.

"On this season of The Bachelor, the average age of contestants is 25.2, with the oldest contestant being 31.

"Outside of these numbers, research published as recently as 2018 has expanded “the period of adolescence” from ages 10 to 19 to 10 all the way up to 24."

Peter Weber as The Bachelor: A Photo

All of those numbers add up to one important conclusion -- unless they hail from Amish country, 22-year-olds in America generally aren't looking to settle down.

And that's fine -- there's a whole slate of MTV dating shows that are desperate for young co-eds looking to party and hookup.

But maybe a show who's stated goal is marrying two people off should focus on a slightly older demo.

You'll be fine, very young people who are hoping to land a spot on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette -- you still have literally everything else working in your favor.

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