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Meghan Markle takes a lot flak from a lot of people.

We guess that’s to be expected when you — marry the person you fell in love with and start a family?

The Duchess of Sussex
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Frankly we’re not sure why she has the haters so riled up, but we have a pretty good guess (hint: it starts with an "r" and ends with an "-acism").

Of course, no one comes out right out and explitictly states that they prefer a segregated royal family, so they have to invent reasons to dislike the Duchess of Sussex.

The Royals don’t wield any real political power, so it’s not like they can claim they’re not fans of Meg’s policies.

And the Sussexes’ marriage free of any major public scandals so far, which leaves the trolls little choice but to pry into Meg’s personal life.

A Royal Family Photo
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This effort has taken the form of a two-prongred offensive, with haters insisting that Meghan has been a damaging force both in her birth family, and in the slightly more famous clan she married into.

Earlier this week, the Sussexes’ Instagram page (which is primarily managed by Meghan) shared an inspirational quote from author Anthony D’Angelo.

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community,” the quote read.

It’s hard to think of a more innocuous statement than "human beings should try to not be awful to one another," but as Radar Online reports the comments section rather ironically bubbled over with hate.

“Caring for your ailing father should be a priority,” wrote commenter.

“Do YOU care for your family? Do YOU ask your relatives if they are okay?” another remarked.

“Practice what you preach!” echoed a third.

“CALL YOUR DAD,” a fourth chimed in.

Greetings, Everyone
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One person who apparently follows the account just to get worked up into a seething rage every 24 hours talked some slightly more articulate trash:

“Really difficult to take your virtue-signaling seriously when you threw your whole family under the bus for [money],” they wrote.

Yes, people are atill obsessed with the relationship between Meghan and her father, Thomas Markle.

You know, the jackass who faked a heart attack just so he could skip the royal wedding?

So Royally Awesome
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The guy who sold a private letter from Meghan to the tabloids as part of his ongoing campaign to ruin his daughter’s life.

Yeah, that guy. 

People just can’t imagine why Meghan wouldn’t go out of her way to cultivate a closer relationship with dude.

But that’s just the beginning of the bizarre claim that the Duchess is devoted to destroying families.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Proximity
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There are also those who blame Meghan for the feud between Prince William and Prince Harry, and who insist she’s tearing down Buckingham Palace from the inside.

“If you care so much and kindness and community mean so much. The[n] reunite the most beloved brothers in history…. England needs them,” one follower commented on Meghan’s post.

“How about CARING about supporting our Queen and the monarchy, thus achieving a sense of COMMUNITY with the Royal Family and the British Public who fund you?" another fumed, adding:

"Appears to be another case of ‘not practicing what you preach.’” 

Laughing with the Prince
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Others were outraged that Meghan and Harry are in the United States at the moment, with plans to spend the holidays with her mother:

“Are you okay, Megan? Have you forgotten what you said before the wedding? ‘I’ll have the family I never had.’ And what do we see now?! You don’t want to spend Christmas with the new family that took you in," one very rational person fulminated.

"More than that, you’re ruining it. Your words mean nothing. I feel sorry for Prince Charles, who led you down the aisle. I feel sorry for Harry and William. I feel sorry for Thomas,” 

"Took you in"?! Folks, it’s a common mistake, but not every non-royal in London is a Dickensian street urchin.

Meghan Markle Happy
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Some people didn’t even bother providing a reason for their outrage and went straight into all-caps mode:

“How about getting along with your own family Meghan, before lecturing everyone about kindness, GROW UP!” one commenter opined.

We’re starting to think some of these people are just mad that Meghan hasn’t aged since high school.