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As it turns out, Jon Gosselin has been doing a lot more than just talking a good game.

Or a mean game, to be more specific, based on all he’s been saying of late about his ex-wife.

We just learned that Jon has been taking action against Kate Gosselin as well, specifically in regard to the latter putting the former couple’s 15-year old kids in front of a TV camera…

Kate Gosselin on Her Gram
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… without the proper paperwork in place.

Indeed, according to The Daily Mail, Kate has actually been held in contempt of court due to the illegal filming of her underage kids.

She has also been ordered to pay $1,500 in legal costs to Jon, who this outlet explains pursued his ex in court over a breach in their agreement regarding any of their 15-year old sextuplets to be featured on television.

"The court agreed with me, they have given me back my rights," Jon told The Daily Mail of how Kate essentially broke the law by filming kids under the age of 18 without consent of their parents.

Photo via TLC

He added:

"The guardian ad litem said filming wasn’t in the best interests of my children, the judge said it wasn’t in their best interests, but Kate went ahead and did it anyway.

"But this order now puts her on notice that she has to do everything by the book."

Kate also still owes Jon a further $25,000 in legal fees based on a previous court battle over shooting her show, Kate Plus 8.

Kate Gosselin Recoils in Horror
Photo via TLC

Jon took Kate to court after TLC defied a judge’s order barring the cable network from filming his and Kate’s children for the aforementioned reality show.

He made it clear on many occasions that he thinks Kate is exploiting their kids for cash.

She only filming alongside 18-year old twins Mady and Cara on the program Kate + Date, but included some of the younger kids for a Kate  Plus 8 special that aired in October.

Based on legal paperwork seen by DailyMailTV, Kate was held in contempt of a May 14, 2019 court order and given 10 days to pay Jon $1,500 in legal fees — which she has paid.

Kate, Kids
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The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry has since confirmed that no permits have been issued for the Gosselin children.

However, network executives ignored the court order and went ahead anyway, filming the family at their home in Pennsylvania and on location in North Carolina

Jon and Kate’s 15-year-old kids — Alexis, Aaden, Joel and Leah — all appeared on camera during this autumn special.

Jon Gosselin and Son Collin
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Said Jon in his Daily Mail interview:

"She can still film Kate Plus 8 or Kate Plus Date, or whatever she wants, but she has to go to court to get a court order to get my written consent first," he said.

And if she films the kids without permission again?

"She will go to jail."

Jon Gosselin Doesn't Hold Back
Photo via NBC

Jon has been trashing Kate left and right for many months now, ever since a gag order that was written into the ex-couple’s divorce settlement concluded after 10 years.

"I really just want to get my kids off the television period," Jon tells DailyMailTV, concluding:

"I love all my kids. I want them to grow up to have a normal life."