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We’re just gonna go ahead and get this out of the way up front:

Tori Roloff and her loved ones are totally fine.

They were never in any kind of actual danger, despite what our headline states and despite what Tori herself implied this weekend on Instagram.

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Confused? Allow us to explain…

On Sunday, the Little People, Big World star shared brand new photos of her newborn daughter, Lilah, along with the other members of her immediate family.

The photos were cute, but the story behind them was far from pleasant, Tori explained as a caption.

"BARELY survived getting our Christmas tree today,” Tori wrote at the outset of her message.

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We’re clearly gonna need some sort of clarification here, Tori.

“Did not dress for snow or rain. Mom couldn’t walk well in the snow. Jackson wanted nothing to do with Santa Claus and almost gave himself a concussion trying to get away," she addeede.

"Really the only one who held it together was Lilah girl (and dad).

"Big parenting lesson today… But we did it. Got our tree. Now to sleep the rest of the day away."

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Roloff, who welcomed Lilah back on November 19, went on to document the setup of their “big tree” on her Instagram Story, joking from behind the camera:

“No topper this year."

“I wanted to go small,” Zach chimed in when his wife brought up going even “bigger."

Pretty funny all around, no?

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Tori has since updated her Instagram page with the two images of Lilah immediately above, posted right before her beloved Seattle Seahawks played (and won!) on Monday Night Football.

"Just raising them right," she wrote as a caption to these precious snapshots.

Speaking previously to Us Weekly about Lilah’s arrival, Tori told the tabloid:

"Zach and I are so excited to introduce you to our sweet baby girl Lilah. She has been the perfect addition to our family."

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Tori also uploaded a couple of adorable Thanksgiving pictures from last week’s holiday, making it clear that Lilah is settling in very well so far.

Perhaps a little too well at times.

Just consider these NSFW details about her daughter’s first bath: “She liked it so much she blew out her pants to earn herself a second!"

HA! We’ve all been there, of course.

We just appreciate that Tori keeps it real at all tiimes when talking about her young ones.