Jeremy Roloff to Other Parents: Don't Snap Photos of Your Kid!

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Let's get this out of the way up front:

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff are clearly loving parents.

They appear to be a great match for each other and definitely appear to always put their daughter above everything else in their life. 

By all accounts, this is a great father and mother.

Jeremy Roloff and Ember: What Cuties!

However, the former Little People, Big World stars sometimes get in trouble when they step up high on a soapbox and feel a need to preach to other parents.

Or a need to preach to other people in general, such as when Audrey offered up some very weird dating advice to single women around the world.

Now, Jeremy has taken it upon himself to issue a strange statement to other moms and dads, basically telling them to put  away their cameras and focus more on the time spent with their children.

Ironically, he wrote this as a caption to the photo below -- which features Jeremy and Audrey's daughter, Ember.

Ember Roloff at Play

"Concerning the photos of our kids on the internet... I think there is a line of reason," Jeremy opened, continuing along this theme as follows:

"As long as the parents are smart and respectful, it shouldn’t be a problem, but there is definitely a line here. I think a bigger problem than posting photos, is the act of taking them."

What does Jeremy mean by this?

He's happy to explain...

Smooches for Ember

We all want photos of our kids, but if all they ever see in every single special moment is the backside of our phones, that will be just as (if not more) damaging than some innocent photo 15 years down the road.

This, on its own, is a simple and obvious argument.

Yes, of course, parents ought to cherish the time spent with kids and really be present for it; they shouldn't waste this time behind a screen, especially when you consider the message it could send to a young child.

Then again: What's wrong with snapping a photo of a precious moment?

Sure, now these kids see the "backside" of a phone. Back in the day, they saw the frontside of a camera.

Bumpin in a Winter Wonderland

Jeremy, who shares his fair share of Ember snapshots, also addressed the possibilities of perverts out there ogling one's son or daughter.

It's gross and awkward, but it sadly does happen.

"As far as weirdos go, sure, I get it, there are weirdos out there - so be smart and aware as mentioned before," he wrote.

"At the end of the day, to each there own concerning this topic for me. However, one thing is for sure, concerning what the long term affects of social media will be, it will be just as damaging as it is useful unless we manage the addiction.

"And social media is very, very useful."

Roloffs Around Thanksgiving

In the past, Audrey has flat-out apologized to God for being on social media too much.

In this case, however, Jeremy used his Instagram platform to challenge all parents reading, concluding by asking this odd question:

How are you going to parent your phone in 2020?

Anyone out there have an answer?

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