Madonna: Getting Serious With Hot 25-Year-Old Boyfriend!

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Madonna is a polarizing figure. On the one hand, she's a music legend. On the other, she says extremely problematic stuff sometimes.

Now, her new boyfriend has been revealed. He's one of her backup dancers, their romance is getting serious, and he is very young.

Madonna Serving Looks on Instagram

The rumors about Madonna dating Ahlamalik Williams didn't spring up out of nowhere.

The whispers have been circulating for months.

Then, earlier in December, Madonna and Ahlamalik were photographed together -- and they weren't on stage.

Do the cozy, intimate photos mean that they're boning? Well, not on their own.

Ahlamalik Williams

TMZ has spoken with Ahlamalik's father, Drue Williams, who confirms that his son is absolutely in a relationship with Madonna.

Not only are they an item, but Madonna has met Ahlamalik's family.

Things are getting serious between them, Drue shares.

In fact, he reports that Madonna has used the L-word ("love") with Ahlamalik.

Madonna in Blue

According to Drue, 61-year-old Madonna has been dating the 25-year-old dancer for over a year, now.

But they met years earlier.

In 2015, Ahlamalik auditioned to be one of the dancers on Madonna's Rebel Heart tour, and she personally selected him to join up.

That was the tour in which she infamously exposed an underage girl's breasts on stage while in Australia.

Ahlamalik Williams Image

Now, things are very different, and well past professional.

Drue says that in September, Madonna invited Ahlamalik's family to see one of her show's in Vegas.

After they witnessed her performance at Caesar's Palace, she is described as then inviting the family up to her suite.

There, Drue says, her personal chef cooked them all a meal and they dined together.

Madonna at 2017 MET Gala

According to Drue's account, Madonna told the family that she loves Ahlamalik unconditionally and expressed a desire to take care of him.

Madonna may be 36 years older than the 25-year-old dancer, bue Drue does not sound concerned about the age gap.

"Love has no age," Drue expressed to TMZ.

That's true enough -- provided that people are speaking only of adults.

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"My son is livin' la Vida Loca," Drue characterized, referring to a song but literally saying that Ahlamalik is living "the crazy life."

The proud father added: "And I'm just happy for him."

Some parents get concerned -- understandably, at times -- when their young adult children date wealthy, powerful celebrities.

But clearly, Drue is just happy to see Ahlamalik living his best life.

Madonna, Fully Clothed

Let's be clear -- Madonna is living the dream, and it sounds like Ahlamalik is enjoying himself too. This sounds serious, in a good way.

When people are concerned about massive age gaps in celebrity romances, it's usually about the power dynamic.

As we have seen with the horror stories about R. Kelly, a millionaire musician can use wealth and fame to turn a partner into little more than a sex slave.

Even in less extreme cases, some celebrities date only younger partners because they want control, and an equal partner might challenge them on their behavior and lifestyle.

Fortunately, that does not seem like Madonna's vibe at all. We're happy for her and for Ahlamalik.

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