Bristol Palin and Janson Moore: It's Already Over!

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In November, reality TV star and real life villain Bristol Palin went Instagram official with some random dude

Like Bristol's time on Teen Mom, it wasn't meant to last. She and Janson Moore are no more.

Janson Moore

Janson was Bristol's first romance since her ill-fated relationship with Dakota Meyer ran its course.

He is a former Texas A&M quarterback.

These days, Janson is located in Austin, where he works as a medical sales representative.

It was not initially clear why the two connected in the first place, but they clearly hit it off ... for a limited time.

Bristol palin IG not dating anyone 29 december 2019

On Sunday, December 29, a fan asked Bristol a simple question via Instagram.

"Are you dating anyone?" the fan inquired.

Answering in her Stories, Bristol made the answer abundantly clear.

"Noo," she replied. The extra "o" could be a typo, but we interpret it as being there for added emphasis.

Bristol Palin as One of the OGs

Incidentally, the failed reality star and the 24-year-old sales rep still follow each other on Instagram.

That may sound like small potatoes, but we've seen actually married couples unfollow each other when they're arguing.

Maybe they're still talking? But it seems more likely that Bristol and Janson just weren't dating enough to work up to having hard feelings.

But they have scrubbed each other from their respective feeds of photos. Standard breakup stuff.

Bristol and Her Mom

After Bristol went Instagram official with her single status, RadarOnline learned from an inside source that the pair split before the holidays.

"Yeah, they’re done,” the insider confirmed.

The report also shed some light on why they went their separate ways.

“Let’s just say Bristol didn’t know much about his past relationship and how recent it was," the source revealed shadily.

Bristol's Not In Alaska Anymore

But coming to realize that she was, best case scenario, a rebound was not the only factor that caused Bristol to turn tail and run.

"And she realized early on that he just has a lot of growing up to do," the insider added.

Dating a younger man with an athletic background is all fun and games until you realize that a 24-year-old's brain is still finishing developing.

Bristol has been a mom since she was a teenager. It's not too surprising if a Janson wasn't quite the right match for her.

Bristol Palin and 3 Children

Janson had only divorced his ex, Mackenzie Hausenfluck, a real human whose name we did not make up, three months before hooking up with Bristol.

Three months is a fine amount of time to date again after, say, breaking up with a girlfriend.

A lot of people would consider that a relatively short time to enter a serious relationship after getting divorced. 

After three months, the ink is barely dry on the divorce papers.

Bristol Palin as an OG

Of course, 24 is pretty young to be divorced -- it's actually pretty young to be married at all.

But just because someone is trying to get a jumpstart on adult milestones (and might be a lot romantic, might be a lot religious) doesn't mean that they're ready.

And Bristol is a mother of three children.

When she goes out on dates, she's probably looking for more than Netflix and Chill.

Oh, well. Time for her to move on to her next mistake. That's how life goes.

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